Language Business

We organize commerce by its basic and real structure

So as it is the real and basic way, it is easy to search, advertise and participate (operate) in the structure so this structure is a System.

Crossings System (we say)

As we cross (is that to say, we relate, we connect)

cities, countries, áreas

Is not the same export from SPain to Mexico that export from Spain to China,


(companies, employees, institutions, intermediaries, the public..)

Is not the same export from Spain to Mexico to public, that from Spain to Mexico to other company (not the public) 


(food, industry, services, and personal goods)

In this crossings System

We can combine all options, or just 1, or 2, 3, 4, etc, options you are interested in.

Export from Spain to Russia wine to companies

Looking for logistics services from China to India

Business which target is Moscow

Employees which are from Nigeria…. 

LImited combinations but endless 

You can



and participate

IF you advertise,

FIRST you segment your business,

SECOND you multiplicate the options to be found. (specially via Google too, as our SEO, our metas and URL’s are the same real structure so Google rewards us with top positions for our relevance and coincidence for the ads) 

Just an example.

<Companies (source)> from <Spain (to) Russia> or from Spain (to) <traders (target)> of <traders Russia>…

in fact,

by maths: 1 x 3 x 57 (places) = 161

TOTAL 1 AD, (3 clicks)----- 66 + 161= 227 business places

(imagine in cases of 3 source cities, and USA or India, or China as target)

That is for USERS FREE--------See Premium users.


If you participate

you can (appart of comment and follow other users)

Buy, sell, Alliance

including thirds (really we think this will be an impressive tool towards circuit business)


Pay attention!!

this is the current

but we will introduce the actions, crossing with kind of contracts, as another pages,

and the action, including thirds, as a condition, a plus or a minus, to be able to construct any business proposal with its corresponding proposal in the structure (can be localized in any part of the phrase) and in Google

is that to say,

a basic Business Language in Internet clicking the buttons,

with the consequences advantages for search, advertise, and participate.


The Strategic Alliances 

With other global directories and platforms especific about some producto or service

With other

With institutions of international trade, (collaborators trying to get them) embassies, international trade centres, chambers, universities of commerce….

With Platforms with APPS that fix with our System, as icontainer, flights, bilateral trade information…..

With bloggers of international trade at first positions.

And from the General Public 

And the public, via Forum Business Contest

The prizes are the places they conquer for those who are more valued.

The system, they have to invite unless 2 more people to Access to prizes, and the prizes are for the winner and for the person who invited him.

Final, pay attention!!

we are creating a Knowledge WEB, that in our opinion, should be the Web of the Webs in knowledge.

As our System will interwove the main words (work, love, law, essence, business, history, life, mats, food, science, truth, justice, money, earth, house, man, etc etc) in a simple and filosophical way.