Global barter via Sylodium

The Barter coin

Is the container

This is the unity

the coin of International Trade.



C2C (B2B):

<1 container> of //clothing// from –India-- (in Exchange) <1 Container> of //clothing// of --Egypt--


you are not used to export anything, but desiring to start?

Are you starting in import export business?


are you are used, but your products don't go out currently?

Just one container in Exchange of another container.

Test it.

but just 1, is enough to start.


C2C (B2B):

<2 containers> of //bananas// from –Peru-- (in Exchange) <1 container> of //mackarel// from –Spain--


Check it

later you can grow to many other operations.

The difference of prices: must be compensated.


To tap our Global Barter: join us as Premium User.


Our global prices <by> “wealth's of each country”.


The procedure, the paperworks, if you need our help,

we will help you, going beyond this previous relationship

But start testing.

Step by Step.