Potential Synergies

As we are always opened to different kind of business that can be done in our platform

We are going to show simple examples of members of our Linkedin Group

Sylodium, The Global Platform for Bilateral Trade

Coud be www.egyptfactors.com a partner for the financial operations or our Premium Users?

Could develope www.elitetotality.com Apps for some country crossings, or business niches?

For example think in this niche

Farmers insurance company in all USA that we could highlight via our System inmediately

Or just Exchange of links and/or news with www.digitalinformationworld.com

Digital news (Exchange) Trade news in both Webs?

In the same way, Exchange of users, with the platform www.msupply.com  specific and comprehensive platform about construction and interior business?

Not synergy, but client of Sylodium, a big company as www.delonghi.com that could use our banner segmentation in all country crossings they would choose,

USA – Japan, Canada – China, Hong Kong – Singapore. Korea – Mexico, Peru – Indonesia…….