Luxury Travel to Africa, Oceania, on the Increase

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Luxury Travel on the Increase According to Study

Travelling around the world might not be something that everyone can do as the typical response might include something about the cost to do so.  Of course, if you are thinking about flying around the world or going on a 14-day cruise to a foreign location you are going to have to pay a little out of your pocket to enjoy that.  With the economy in the rut that it seems to be, it would not be surprising to hear that more people are putting together luxury travel packages than ever before.  In a recent study, almost 60% of travel agents reported a rise in luxury travel plans.

Luxury Travel Is Different For Everyone
When you hear the word “luxury” you might be thinking about a ski trip to the Colorado Mountains, while another person might be thinking about a fancy trip to Egypt.  Each person has their own opinion on what a luxury travel vacation might include, but for the most part, a location with luxury resorts is likely to be top of the list.  Luxury resorts can be found in just about every single country in the world and that has a lot to do with the fact that luxury travel is on the rise.

Study Finds Millennials Like Adventure
Besides the fact that luxury travel has grown over the last year, the study found other very interesting information.  For starters, the number one vacation travel choice is one of adventure for Millennials, which makes perfect sense.  “Generation X” is still the dominators when it comes to luxury family travel.  The Baby Boomers like to mark things off their bucket list whenever possible and it looks like the average duration of a luxury vacation is about 14 days.  All of this information is useful for travel companies and since the market is growing, there is room for more businesses to get in while it’s hot.

The Destination Is Key
When you think about luxury travel and luxury resorts that are located all over the world, you might be thinking about Mexico, Jamaica, Paris, Italy or even South Africa.  The best thing about travel is that it allows you to go just about anywhere in the world, but the study found that Europe is still the number one requested destination with 72% of people choosing to go there.  The trend for 2017 looks to be pointing towards Iceland, as travel to this location is really heating up.  North America is listed as second on the luxury vacation list.
This type of travel habits survey is conducted each year, so if you work in the travel industry, the odds are good that the results will change year on year.  The current main destinations and luxury resort locations are going to trend for a few years to come, but as each generation gets older, you can expect to see different types of vacations and preferred locations.  The good news is that luxury travel is up almost 60%, which is a great trend for luxury travel operators