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  1. China and Britain, to expand two-way trade.
  2. On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Britain comprehensive strategic partnership, china proposed to expand two-way cooperation to reach a new level.
  3. Both countries want to boost cooperation in areas like nuclear power, high-speed railway, as well as urbanization.
  4. Bilateral cooperation has borne rich fruits since the two countries forged a strategic partnership a decade ago.
  5. Britain welcomes more Chinese companies to invest in Britain and more Chinese students to study in Britain.


Population: 1.353.821.00 (1st) (Figures excluding Hong Kong: 7.061.200 and Macau: 568.700) 

GDP per cápita: $9.161 (91st) (Figures excluding Hong Kong: $49.137 and Macau: $77.353) 


Population: 62.262.000 ( 22th)

GDP per cápita: $36.728 (22th)

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