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1 1 USA, 124 cities (in Sylodium), New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston….Until 124 cities in Sylodium

2  China, with about 10 key cities in the world, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou… Until 180 cities in Sylodium

3 Conclusion, In Sylodium, (124 x180) 22.320 business places, or bilateral trade relations between China and USA.

Shanghai – New York

Beijing – Washington

Chicago – Shenzhen

Los Angeles – Qingdao etc 

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Who will win the Trade War in next 10 years? China or US?

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Make business in China – USA, (for international companies) 

The biggest developing country and the biggest developed country,

About Steel and alumium China - US

China is the world's Steel top producer

China is accused of being the villain and resist multiple lawsuits against its ore exports.

Is China circumventing duties, illegally subsidizing its Alumiun industry and killing thousands of American Jobs?

In any case,

The American Jobs is a problem of American, not a Chinese problem


tourism and trade business USA - China,

Six countries - South Korea, Thailand, Japan, the United States, Vietnam and Singapore - each welcomed more than 1 million Chinese travelers last year.

In 2014, China was the number two country for visitor spending to and within the US, with an estimated $23.8 billion spent on travel and tourism.


Synergies, institutions

Potential synergies

Between US-China Business Council and Sylodium

Between Embassy of People's Republic of China in the United States with Sylodium


Make money in  China – USA east Coast

China has displaced Canada as the United States’s largest trading partner

Due in part to the crash in oil prices and the reduced value of Canada’s energy exports

China’s trade with the U.S. was valued at 15.7 per cent of total U.S. trade last 9 months, compared with the 15.5 per cent of Canada

the shift in the Canada-U.S. trade relationship speaks to the growing influence of the booming Asia-Pacific region in the global economy

China long ago surpassed Canada as the top source of imports flowing into the U.S. – Canada in September ranked third, behind China and Mexico and ahead of Japan and Germany –

but in terms of total trade, which consists of both imports and exports is the first time China is in first position

Furthermore, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal – between the U.S., Canada, Japan and other Pacific economies – and trade barriers coming down more generally, all will change even more towards Asian economies.

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