China – Israel - Africa Barter 4.0

Danny Catarivas, a foreign trade expert at the Manufacturers Association of Israel, says Washington is putting pressure on Israel for tighter controls.

"The United States is now pushing and insisting that Israel follow its example and create a foreign strategic investment control agency," he told AFP.

He said Israel's security cabinet has decided to set up a committee - including representatives of the intelligence services - to oversee any foreign investment considered "strategic".

Asked by AFP, several official spokespersons refused to comment, with one saying that relations with China were "hyper-sensitive".

A transport ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Haifa contract was awarded to the Chinese group "on purely professional criteria".

Uzi Rabi, a Middle East expert at Tel Aviv University, told AFP that Israel must examine contracts with China "not only from an economic point of view, but also diplomatically and geo-strategically".

Chinese companies are making spectacular advances in Israel. 

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Vardi attended an event aimed at promoting the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to the world on Wednesday on the sidelines of the WEF annual meeting. He said Guangzhou, as a historically important gateway of China to the rest of the world, has opened up more and will embrace more international partnerships.

As a major city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area, Guangzhou boasts of a rising number of Fortune 500 companies as well as growing traffic at the airport. "Guangzhou's role as an important hub has become more and more important each year," he said.

As of January 2018, Xiamen cooperates with 200 Israeli research centers, incubators and tech firms in fields including communications, artificial intelligence, medicine and clean energy, according to a press release by Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Development. Four research centers and 10 projects have already committed to opening operations in this Chinese city. The trade office hopes to strengthen and expand these initiatives.

China’s Soft Power Offensive, One Belt One Road, and the Limitations of Beijing’s Soft Power

Now, a decade after writing that book, the United States’s global image remains weak—although it rebounded for a time during the 2010s—democracy is in dire shape in many parts of the globe, and Beijing undoubtedly is far stronger, strategically and economically, than it was in 2007, when my book was published. But I am doubtful that China can effectively wield soft power today—far more doubtful than I was back in 2007—even though Beijing’s budget for aid, education programs, training programs, cultural programming, and other soft power tools is exponentially greater than it was a decade ago.

The thinking Machine 4.0

there are areas in which "we should" or "we should" ("we should" I think) agree


if there is an alliance is because there is competence on the outside and inside

that for a wolf child to exist, its wolves have to be primed like dogs.

That if the shepherd loves the moon with all his soul (so technological or lunatic), he will crash, although better to love the moon than his sheep; and to the sheep, shepherd, to take care of them and to love them, no more, without loving them, until they are killed, to eat them.

That if we are liars (we all are) "should not" matter so much that they lie to us


there are people who do not usually approach the "must be" and everything bothers them because they look over the neighbor

even though

The hermit and the cloistered nuns also make their trumps to keep pulling


the long caves: rot the soul

not even

the polish

if anything

the first month.

there are areas in which "we should" ("we should" I think) be agree.

Who challenges Pythagoras?

No one.

Saying that the absorbent does not always ask to be absorbed or that the solitary is usually more than entering without staying a long time until re-entering does not delimit any area: it spreads.

That Survival "encompasses" Violence and this to the Will of Power from the bottom up, and that from top to bottom, the will to "explain" violence and violence to survival, delimits a very basic area and also shows that encompassing and explaining are spatial verbs that can be drawn, how the basics are drawn, or currents of violence can be drawn, although this spatiality matters little if a Thought Map represents (and reproduces) Thought.

That poems about amino acids or algorithms are useless in many more areas regarding the scientific reproductions of amino acids or algorithms nobody doubts, although love poems also have their scientific reproductions, not just cinephiles.

there are areas in which "we should" (I think) be agree.

That the games of mirrors of the consciences are as infinite as the games of tennis without ball of the coherences, and that if somebody does not assume the solipsismo already it will fall into the account, or not.

That the "verum is factum" is a half-demolishing point of view, (not exactly half-demolishing, but medium, half-demolishing)


that the truth is always partisan, at least, starting, and starting again, and no one doubts


that instead,

the "nothing comes out of nothing" does not require statistics, it always brings us some suspicious or skeptical,


that there is no religion without his God with a capital letter

and / or

gods, and also goddesses, here yes, uppercase or capital letters, with a small letter, this is already, it is up to each one.

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

Leading enterprise gamification provider Badgeville, now owned by SAP, showed positive results from several clients, such as a 40% decreased ticket response time for Engine Yard and 32% increase in idea submissions to promote collaboration at CA Technologies.


Badgeville user profiles keep track of accomplishments like a high score screen for the whole company to see--and beat.

As CIOs implement more AI and analytics into their businesses, gamification engines will gobble up these up like Pac-Man to boost the industry. Statista predicts that the $4.91 billion spent worldwide on gamification in 2016 will expand to $11.94 billion in 2021. 

“Not only is gamification not dead, some might say it is so alive that it is becoming a part of everything we do and soon people won’t think of it as something separate at all,” Wu concludes. 

new Sylodium 4.0 (C, and D)

C Sheimbra

0 Center. Consumption

1 Left: Trade flow until human minds, material psychological needs.

2 Left. Material sociological needs.

3 Left. New type of companies.

1 Right. Gamification of work, leisure, tourism ...

2 Right. Basic purchases during today's life.

3 Right. Exploitation, IoT, Barter in the city.


0 Center. Money.

1 Left. Plans, intentions, economic speculation of individual consciences.

2 Left. Strategies of men owning themselves.

3 Left. New businessman

1 Right. New virtual lands, the new currency.

2 Right. New intermediaries in financing, insurance, logistics ...

3 Right. New world, new economic and political system. Possible justice with current technology, already.