Israel 4.0 balancing trade between US and China towards Africa?

It seems that while Israel is stepping up its policy of running between the raindrops when it comes to the two superpowers, Jerusalem is officially silent. Last week's Bolton talks were preceded by a long series of meetings between American officials past and present with their friends in Israel, and they all had an identical message warning of growing American concern over Israel's extreme openness towards China.

These warnings crossed the lines of former and current administrations, and emphasized the unity of American opinion in both government and academia on this issue.

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There is no one in Israel who believes that it is possible or desirable to ignore China, which is expanding its presence and influence in our region. Trade relations with this new regional power are both vital and desirable. For the sake of its own advancement, Israel has in recent years learned to publicly ignore the fact that China is investing enormous strategic resources in Iran, both on the security and industrial-strategic fronts. Israel has never asked China, openly or covertly, to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement brokered by former president Barack Obama. Like Russia, China enjoys full "Israeli immunity" on this issue. This is entirely understandable, but Israel must still be especially cautious in order to serve our own vital interests.

Xiamen, a port-city located in southeastern China, is set to open a trade liaison office in Israel next month. According to a report by CTech, Xiamen proceeds Beijing and Dongguan, another major Chinese industrial center, to become the third Chinese city to open an economic office in Israel.

These trade offices all seek to couple Israel’s strengths in tech innovation and scientific research with China’s manufacturing background and large market. Sponsored by both the Chinese and Israeli governments, the Xiamen economic mission will be operated by Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Development Zone, which will be responsible for seeking potential Israeli companies looking to enter the Chinese market starting in August.

Africa 4.0  

Last week, the US partially suspended funding to Kenya’s health ministry over concerns about graft. Kenya is ranked 145 out of 176 countries on Transparency International’s corruption index. Mr Kenyatta said that the election would be fought on economic issues, particularly the spiralling cost of food, which is largely the result of a lengthy drought. He also conceded that bank credit had slowed sharply since the introduction last August of a cap on interest rates, a measure that he said might eventually be reversed. “As people have seen a decline in credit, especially to small and medium enterprises, maybe people would be willing to relook at this,” he said.

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth, but at what cost?

 “Do we want to live in a world [driven by the] ‘Belt and Road’ development model, or [do] we collectively have enough common sense and skills to transform [the world] in a more sustainable development pattern?” Simonov asked in an email to Mongabay.

It remains to be seen whether China will be able to generate international cooperation for, and follow through with, its Ecological Civilization principles, but Simonov sees the new Guidance as “a very encouraging first step in that direction.”

Jinmei Liu, an environmental lawyer at ClientEarth, has serious doubts about China’s environmental commitment, and whether the country can put its high-flown pledges into action. The government has developed many environmental and social guidelines that are soft and non-binding, she explained, adding that, even as China has pursued green investments, many of its BRI projects are oil and gas-focused, leading to greater fossil fuel development, and potentially greater greenhouse gas emissions and climate instability.

The thinking Machine 4.0

It often happens that if p implies q, and q is not true, p remains true and vice versa and etc

And it is that all "p", has "its parts and its everything" and its situation of "act or power" and its "subjects and entities" ... (Rexiología)

Decontextualized, the logic is a rubber stick.

The celebrations of the technical tricks of logic Relevant to avoid logical truths like "if" "2 + 2 = 5" "then" "the sun is green", or to solve the paradox of the Black Crows do not stop having their grace .

Contextualized The logic, which 2 + 2 is equal to 4 also at 5 in the afternoon, sweats us.

There is no need to criticize the successes in establishing boundaries intersections and distances between things.

Although the criterion: "self-forming operations" versus "heteroformante operations" (Gustavo Bueno) has its interest, as many others, to delimit confluences and divergences of Logic and Mathematics, but nothing contribute to its progress.

It is the context (places) that determines the (gross) positions of the "and" that links the propositions linked by a "though" or a "but" or a "despite"

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again? 

The question now is how to recognize them and how to engage them.

Just ask your younger employees how they spend their free time. The time all Americans spend playing board or video games rose 50% from 2003, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The U.S video game market recorded $36 billion in revenue in 2017, an 18% increase over 2016, according to the Entertainment Software Association. To put that in context, the movie industry's domestic box office only hit $11 billion over the same time.

Power Up

The theory of industrial gamification is not new. Throughout the past decade, companies and theorists have been hacking out clever ways to use video gamification to lure talent. 

“Imagine when this generation, with an average of 220 keystrokes per minute, which is multitasking and constantly getting the adrenaline kicks in front of your computer at home, get to the work,” ABB sales manager Susanne Timsjö wrote in 2015. “As a control room operator, there is a maximum need for five keystrokes per hour and a lot of waiting. The outcome—we will get bored operators and this is not good for creativity, productivity or safety.”

new Sylodium 4.0 (pending C, and D, in next new)

A Empire of the Jews?

0 Center. Commerce.

1 Left: Trade flow

2 Left. Game of the speculative economy with the real economy, interweaving of the stock market, the bank, the states, the big companies, the lobbies etc in the economy.

3 Left. Empires in history.

1 Right. Infrastructure

2 Right. Structure.

3 Right. Superstructure: mega trends. Convenient FIR.

B Sylodium

0 Center. Business. Flow of trade to the company and the consumer, businessmen, workers and consumers.

1 Left Economy on the internet

2 Left. Speculative economy.

3 Left. New business language

1 Right. Real economy regarding the online virtual economy.

2 Right. Real economy with respect to the speculative economy.

3 Right. New business, tram.