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1.- There are about 8 million (like UAE) of Jews around the 5 continents of the world

2.- Jews have won a deserved reputation of being the best businessmen in the world

3.- Conclusion, In this sense, connecting all countries, and doing business around the world, Jews are like Sylodium.

The same we could say about Chinese people, but telling that they are the best hardworking and organized businessmen around the world.

Israel-China trade to flourish under new customs deal

In 2014 Israel imported more from China ( 8,1 billion) that it did from the United States ( 7.4 billion).

Kaifeng Jews, city where there are more Jews in China, comparing with any big city of USA are much less

however, Israel is likely to trade much more to China in the coming years due to the result of the signing of an agreement between both

Since Israel launched its AEO program in 2010,  (signed agreements with the United States, Taiwan, South Korea and Canada, and about 100 operators have submitted requests for AEO approval) and now with CHina. 

What is this?

having to deal with fewer logistical hurdles.

China increasingly look at Israeli agriculture technology to boost crop yields and dairy production.

China is also involved in large infrastructure projects within Israel talking both countries about doubling bilateral trade over the next decade.

Chinese is becoming the dominant force in Israel’s transport infrastructure as it seeks to establish relevant new trade routes in the middle east region.

China increasing in all middle East,

GCC countries consider China as a major market for their petrochemical products,

But obviously, US interests still carry significant weight in Israel’s economic and political conduct, but today is the time of the “Chinese chapter” in the history of the Israeli economy.

Chinese in Israel, high-profile business mergers, investing in local venture capital funds, roads, tunnels, ports, and train tracks that are under construction, transport projects etc


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