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  1. Israel and Asia, trade ties.
  2. Israeli companies are increasingly turning to Asia to capture a boom in demand for their technology.
  3. As the government urges them to diversify export markets in response to Europe's rising anti-semitism and potential trade sanctions.
  4. Israeli entrepreneurs most of whom see Europe remaining as an important partner more of a reason to expand to Asia, they say, is that Europe's economy is struggling, the euro has weakened and Asian countries are growing faster.
  5. Asian companies and funds particularly from China are also seeing more investment potential in Israel.
  6. China, Israel's third-largest trading partner by country, is looking at an expansion in bilateral trade, which reached nearly $9 billion last year.


Population: 1.353.821.00 (1st)

GDP per cápita: $9.161 (91st) 


Population: 8.146.300 (96th)

GDP per cápita: $ 35.658

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