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1 LAIA, The Latin American Integration Association, 13 countries

2 AU, the African Union, 52 countries,

3 Conclusion, 676 bilateral trade relationships,

Only in Sylodium all these relationships at once

Brazil – South Africa

Colombia – Egypt

Argentina – Libya

Chile – Ethiopia……..


1.- South America and Africa were joined 130 million years ago, Gondwana continent, but says the legend that the earth decided to separate them when Amazonas take all the water that Sáhara had then

2.- Since then, separated until, Regretably the relationships increase via SLAVE TRADE of he British Empire and the Portuguese Empire. The level of slave exports grew from about 36,000 a year during the early 18th century to almost 80,000 a year during the 1780s.

3.- But the relevant relationship between independent states of Africa and Latin America started with the South–South Cooperation, the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries of the global South.

South–South cooperation has been successful in decreasing dependence on the aid programs of developed countries and in creating a shift in the international balance of power.

After this, The Africa-South America Summit (ASA Summit) started as a tri-annual bi-continental diplomatic (2006, 2009, 2013 – next 2016) conference between the leading politicians of South America and Africa.

4 .-SYLODIUM, Today, has joined the two continents (in Internet) just for business

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Trade between Africa and South America is of relatively minor in the world

More than half of all trade between both is accounted for by just five specific products, petroleum, grain, iron ore, coal, and sugar.

Almost all inter-regional trade moves by sea, mostly by non-liner charter shipping services yet.

Argentinean grain in Egypt,

cotton from Benin in Brazil,

iron ore from Brazil in South Africa,

or petroleum from Nigeria in Chile,

exist a potential to generally reduce international transport costs in Africa and South America by port modernization.

Brazil – Africa

Today Brazil sells more goods to developing and emerging countries than to countries in the northern hemisphere.

Brazil is home to the largest population of African descent outside of Africa.

Africa hasn't been able yet to develop its own industries.

That's why the Africans buy a large part of Brazil's industrial exports,

They have similar customs and in the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa (Angola and Mozambique) they share the same language, Portuguese. 

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