International routes. Global Shipping. 4.0

International routes. Global Shipping. 4.0

if you are a Chinese company starting in import export business and you don't know how to start, here, in Sylodium, you have the opportunities to bring your proposals to life due to  our African experts that will help you to conquer their African markets with your items.

If you are Chinese company involved in Tech items, Laser, LED lighting, R&D or Industry 4.0 used to export ot African countries, and you don't need the help of our collaborators, maybe you could need a relevant virtual support, designing your own business routes, (with the correct URL, the correct metas, and the correct content, that we will build for you) joining us as Premium User so you will become the owner of these routes in the whole Internet due to our trading system. 

But if you are any import export SME's tech that don't need the support of experts in international trade, neither the support of being the owner of any route from China to Africa.  then advertise for FREE from your country to any other country 

Spain - Peru (Much more than gold)

Pakistan - Australia selling Spices , etc etc, million of business well ordered

Choose your target markets via  The global Platform for bilateral trade specially from CHina to Africa and much more, related with Laser Industry and Industry 4.0 (we are focused in future)

Guangzhou - Dar es Salaam selling Pharma items

China - Ethiopia selling grinding wheels etc etc, thousands of niches

Some evidences. 

1) Before the Silk Road or Pepper Road, Greeks and Phoenicians developed strong rivalry for Mediterranean trade routes. Seas communicate, they do not isolate.

In those ancient maps, the Asian- European trade or Mediterranean trade had obviously perfectly traced routes, and there were concessions and agreements among cities.

Where could we see a map of international trade without routes?

Yes, incredibly enough we can see trading without route maps, and it’s precisely on the Internet. You won’t believe it, but it’s true.

In all international trade directories on the Internet, these maps lack routes except

2.) Curiously, Internet always talks about connecting the world, which is radically true, it connects, and so we give faith, but what about international trade? 

Why all import and export directories show cities disconnected? (Connecting the World)

New canals in Central America and China’s willing to pay for them 

Except El Salvador, which has no Atlantic coastline, the rest are planning altermative canals to Panama Canal.

They are the Alternatives to Panama Canal


Are all of them serious Alternatives?


China - Nicaragua,

the Chinese are planning to invest via a Hong Kong-based company more than $40 billion (five times Nicaragua’s annual GDP)

transoceanic railway system, highways and oil pipelines, shipping ports on both coasts, airports, and FTZ along the way.

China - Honduras,

$20 billion, high-speed rail system powered by a hydro-generated plant in the Gulf of Fonseca.

 China - Guatemala

About $10 billion

An own canal complete with “a natural gas and oil pipeline pipeline to transport Venezuelan petroleum,” from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

high-speed highway and a railway line

three days less than Panama Canal and $169 per container less than Panama Canal,

China - Costa Rica,

the only country in the region with full diplomatic relations with China, is planning an inter-coastal super highway

Colombia is too negotiating with China Railroad Engineering Company to build a dry corridor between Bahía Solano on the Pacific and Acandi in the Caribbean.

Mexico is projecting a canal through the Tehuantepec isthmus.

we offer you 2 ways of working with us

First, representing SYlodium in your area

Second, managing one of these appendixes we are close to introduce (others in mind as you’ll see in some of our news)

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  5. What is international trade focused to the future

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