Online import export business niches. 4.0

Online import export business niches. 4.0

Build your own import export business niches, joining us as Premium User


Sylodium is a global and free import/export platform with a new trade system.

Our City and Country / Crossings System 

Moscow (Russia) - UAE, selling Titanium Nickel

China - Mexico buying green Energy, etc etc, thousands, million of business well ordered, in the Internet's guts

You will be localized (in the first example) by people looking for Russian exporters, Moscow, Russia, or looking for UAE buyers, or UAE cities, or looking for categories as Titanium, your tags, you will be found by the hundred of crossing between Russia - UAE etc

But if you join us as Premium User, you can hire, for example, the niche, Moscow - Dubai Titanium forever, so you will be the owner of this niche in Internet, forever.

but specially in Shipping business and Laser Industry and Industry 4.0 from China to Africa for Chinese SME's Tech companies willing to enter in African market

Shanghai - Lagos, selling Electric Vehicles

Shenzhen - Johannesburg selling R&D Food Machines, etc, etc, thousands of business niches, introduced in the WEB

That is your place, as you can build your own business nices, even more, your own Beneficial Circuit Business (BCB) to dominate your niches virtually in the whole Internet.

You can choose your target countries and citys, your target kind of actors, (dealers, companies, institutions, general public...) your items and categories, and your actions and prices, so you will be the owner of any business niche in the whole Internet, while you mantain it active. Contact us here, to inform you about it. 

But if you aren't yet trading with foreing countries, and you are looking for foreing career opportunities?

Or online international trade Jobs?

Own your global niches

Imagine the big amount of business that can happen in many of the country connections, city connections, area connections....

Big amount of money that you could get, if you act smartly in your own way,

We don't supervise you, just some tips about SEO, so you can get the money, if you act better than others, the system of control are the results.

If you get that the area, section you manage could attract many people in part due to our structure, in part due to your skills, you will get big incomes.

We have got the keys,
But with you
the visionaries,
We can explode
That we are too much original?
We are sorry
we are practical people
That we are snobs?
On the contrary, we are not in fashion,
We are in the essence of things
we are not in inventing a new app to solve a specific problem,
we are in the key of international business, in the essence of international trade, the relationships between actors, between countries, in the product in the action and price.

1.- Do you want to work with us in one of our these departments?

For Bloggers and/or experts in international trade, (experts due to their studies or experience) to manage our section of Economic blocs, and our section of bilateral trade news

For Visionaries, experts in games, informatics, experts in cybernetics, experts in marketing,
Manage our sections of Forum – Ideas – Realities – Gamification, barter,  networkings,  segmentation,

An expert in tourism, and another one in human resources,

For each one,
for the 8 persons selected for the 8 places (1% of the total incomes of Sylodium, 40% of the total advertisement incomes of the business section related, and 80% of the total advertisement incomes of his place)

The test will be (in a sense) like an online dictionary
But different, not usual dictionary as we don’t want a definition of International Trade, or Marketing,
We want an unique proposal, something different and useful for next times,
Then, with your opinions,
We’ll have the world book online about the new and best ideas,
A book online,
We’ll make artistic videos with your prhases, videos that sooner than later will be asked for people so much as
free movies online, or online multiplayer games
Imagine you choose marketing
A reference of how to do your proposal:

“If we reload the Ariel (and others) at home in every first drum,
change the marketing and packaging?
suffice with one spectacular drum
does not?”

We are close to introduce a way where each category, like tourism, beverages, clothes, minerals….emerge as a bussiness place segmented via our connections (all country connections) and will be segmented also by actors, is that to say, expert – company, company – public, expert – public, or institution – company will be different places inside each matter, segmenting the market in the best way, and another step towards our cybernetic system.

Take a look, sure you can suggest synergies to work together in some of these categories.

In The rest of categories we offer you
40% of the total advertisement incomes of the real section 80% of the total advertisement incomes of his place

Furthermore, we can study potential Jobs in other appendixes we are developing, or other you could think our system offers good advantages respect the competitors, like:

Sales online
Cruise ships
VoIP services
Shipping business...

Willing to work in your country in relationship to the rest of the world?

as if it would be government Jobs

3. Middle East and Maghreb
4. Latin America
5.- US
6- China
7. Subcontinent indio
8 .-Africa

9.-Russian countries, 10.Oceania, 11.- Rest of Europe, 12.-Rest of Asia

12 areas .
(1% of the total incomes of Sylodium, 20% of the total advertisement incomes of the business section – 20% for administrators of subdivisions Area-Country- and 50% of the total advertising incomes of his place, the other 50% for administrators of subdivisions. Area-Counry)


3.- Opt to be part of our staff participating in our Forum Business Contest (The winner 3.000 dollars; and many other Prizes)?

Equality is a chimera, 

Does Internet promotes equality?
The equal opportunity?
Not at all, there are many Barriers to entry in Internet to

reach TOP positions,

Your ideas fall on deaf ears.
How is our equal opportunities policy?
we can Franchisee your ideas,
Franchisee opportunities for you,


You give us your public idea, everybody will know is yours,
so you can develope it with us, look for public, institutions, investors, participants, workers, crowfunding, etc. 
new opportunities for you to work abroad
This platform is striving to become
The job centre online,
later, you’ll have the rights to post when your idea is a reality,
is a frachise to export to other places

“Franchisee for sale”
Contact us here
Tell us
How have you find us?
Due to a job search engines?
Or Google?
Or Bing?

All international business can

Choose their target markets

TOP positions for their ads in Google,

They'll be seen by people they want to be seen

Source city (country) - Target market (area, country, city)

Mexico (Mexico) - South Africa selling Tequila etc, etc (thousands of business niches well ordered) 

City and Country / Crossing System.