Connecting the World (Sylodium, the global platform)

all bilateral relations between countries and cities

China – USA business

Nigeria – Egypt


Korea – UAE…Etc Etc.

200 countries are 200 x 200 business places

the international trade segmented in the only way can be segmented. 

If you want to export to any African, American, Asian, or European country use All country (city) crossings you'd desire.



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Potential synergies (just an example)

Between embassy of USA in China and Sylodium

Between embassy of China in USA with Sylodium



If we order from Highest GDP to lower GDP the African overlapping blocs,


Start being our representative in Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia……

Work with us



the NAFTA (North American bloc),


CAN (the Andean Community)


Central America (SICA),

Start being our representative in Argentina, central USA, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru…


ASIA (Middle East and Russia included)

the four tigersand The Four Little Dragons ( -ASEAN’s members-)

India leads de SAARC

the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)




Former CEFTA countries

 Northern EU

Southern EU


Choose your source cities, and then your target markets, for example.

Lagos (Nigeria) - Africa

Buenos Aires (Argentina) – USA

Shenzhen (China) – India

MIlan (Italy) – Germany……

The best way to export in Internet.



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  1. The virus Slogan
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