Tap the strategic movements of several countries around Chinese OBOR.

All roads lead to, and from, China?

China state-controlled news agency Xinhua Net reported that over 100 countries and international and regional organizations have expressed an interest in participating in the initiative, and more than 40 of them have signed cooperation agreements with China. According to ratings agency Fitch, $900 billion in projects are planned or underway, with BRI’s investments dwarfing any other initiative launched by a single country in history, including the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II.

BRI has already leaped off the drawing board and begun changing the global landscape. Official Chinese statistics quoted in a report by financial services company Northern Trust claim that 47 percent of China’s 102 central-government-owned business conglomerates have so far participated in 1,676 BRI projects. China Communications Construction Group alone has built 10,320 kilometers (6,412 miles) of road, 95 deepwater ports, 10 airports, 152 bridges and 2,080 railways around the world.

Today, China-led construction projects seem to be underway everywhere, from Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port City, to Indonesia’s Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, and Kenya’s Mombasa-Nairobi railway.

Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, from bilateral trade to triangular trade to any combination, inside Sylodium’s system

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Israel – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – SIngapore - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

China and Israel to enhance trade cooperation through the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative 

Israel, as a strategically important location along the “21st Maritime Silk Road”, an important transportation hub connecting Europe and Asia in the Middle East, and a founding member of the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), strongly supports the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative from which the country would benefit significantly, and wishes to enhance its trade cooperation with China through the Initiative, so as to boost economic growth and trade. Israel is now advancing its infrastructure construction, including a new port in Haifa and the Tel Aviv light rail dubbed “red line”, and that Zhonggang Construction Group and China Railway Tunnel Group have been involved in such projects. Many Israeli companies and research institutions are also eager to enhance cooperation with China, including by sharing cutting-edge technologies and jointly building research capacity.  

If we add to the OBOR the FIR and the target market Africa, we have the convergence of main global trends. Today people can’t say they prefer Latin or Jew people as it would be seen as discrimination, so we won’t say things like that.

India, US, Australia and Japan start talks to establish alternative to China's OBOR initiative 

"It’s early days for the One Belt, One Road initiative, and we are obviously monitoring it closely. We are already working with China on a development project in Papua New Guinea, so we hope that we will be able to work more closely with China in driving economic, sustainable economic growth in our region," she said. 

"Our concerns are to ensure that Pacific nations are not burdened with debt they cannot repay, that all transactions are transparent and that there is an appropriate level of governance. So we hope to work with China to ensure that infrastructure in our part of the world, particularly in the Pacific, adds to the sustainable economic growth of those countries," she said. 

China and Japan agree to cooperate on 50 international infrastructure projects

China and Japan will cooperate on 50 infrastructure projects in third countries as part of a wider agreement on 'third-party market cooperation'.05 Nov 2018

Projects International projects Infrastructure China Asia Pacific

The Chinese and Japanese governments held the first forum on China-Japan third-party market cooperation in Beijing on October 26. At the forum, the two countries agreed to create a "new framework" to facilitate cooperation between the two when looking to back infrastructure projects abroad. They backed over 50 infrastructure projects outside the two countries, agreeing to invest more than $18 billion. 

If you add Industry 4.0 to OBOR, sure you will be in the new trade trends.

Africa 4.0: A New Digital Dawn for the World's Less-Developed Region

In the public sector and municipal services, digital technology is already a well-established enabler of change. At the simplest level, smart government is all about utilising the available digital communication technologies to nurture socio-economic development by boosting the efficiency of service delivery, billing, utility metering and infrastructure maintenance.

Within Africa, Mauritius is leading the way in “smart” local-authority management systems. Its Smart Mauritius Strategy is said to have already engendered socio-economic development, while optimising employment opportunities and offering greater access to training and education.

The thinking Machine about new computer language logometry.

That the #language is incomprehensible, yes, obviously,

If for example, A "in spite of" B continues, insists, the "in spite of" varies depending on the positions of A and B,

that is, if A is below B, it can be stubbornness, obfuscation, illusion, etc etc from A to B, if we focus on A, we could focus on B, and obviously it would change the thing,

if they go in parallel, it can be courage, will, competitiveness, will of alliance, heaviness of A or of B or also alliance, agreement, interweaving of A and B etc etc

if it goes over, it can be condescension, weakness, error etc etc, but also of the speaker or whoever tells it, a certain C,

and this without entering the infinite Aes or infinite Bes or infinite Ces

and this also without going into how A and B and C can dance their positions at each breath of wind

The same thing happens with the apparently cleanest conjunctions, and, or, not only by the positions of the propositions that bind, but by their own positions and their sequence and their tension and their vectorial sense ...

Well, we say that the fact that language is incomprehensible

Nothing prevents, or erases the advantages that not only can be placed beyond the century, the time, those who speak, what weigh those who speak according to those who speak, the context coarser psychological and temporal space etc, but a search engine would place Who is looking for what areas

he walks the result of his search, and then interprets what comes out of the balls, but if he leaves any trace of his interpretation, the better. 

Construction of ZriForx (4 spaces of 4 spaces each one where each space is divided in 8 points of view and 3 parts inside 3 parts in 3D, x, y, z) System via Sylodium, Logometry, Rexiology, heminemetics, Critaxis…

Logometry is a new language that represent the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence based in give 3D dimensions, x,y,z coordinates to human language.

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