China Africa 4.0 (New Tech coming)

Win-win co-operative development, unlike colonial divide-and-rule, is a rational choice as everyone looks towards the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) gaining political stability under, hopefully, a new progressive national leader.

UCL’s Marginson noted: “If China is to lead in higher education, it will need to build social sciences and humanities… better than it has done so far.” “We will need to engage with China in the full way in which China has already engaged with us. In that respect, the universities of North America and Europe will help to determine if China’s universities succeed, whether China can lead in higher education.” 

As the DRC emerges from decades of exploitation and misgovernance, it will need genuine friends to build a community of a shared future for its long-suffering citizens who have never tasted the fruits of postcolonial freedom.

It is possible to speak of an African Dream in the same sentence as a Chinese Dream since China has no history of forced or benign colonisation.

It is possible to realise Nelson Mandela’s vision that, “If there are dreams about a beautiful Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal”.

BUILD YOUR OWN CIRCUITS, ROUTES from China to Africa, Tapping OBOR 4.0 and Middle East role.

In Sylodium’s system as in a chain link game, bilateral trade is transferred to triangular trade and from this to circuits business that are interwoven with other circuits generating new business opportunities

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Israel - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Tel Aviv – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle East - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – SAARC countries - IGAD countries, coordinated routes 4.0

We have always defended Zara because there is no exploitation, pay above agreement in each place, but there is no doubt, that a new currency, the #UNO, where 1 Naira in NY is equal to 1 $ in Nigeria, would end up with so much ship of merchandise up and down.

IoT, IIoT, and IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

The thinking machine 4.0 to build algorithms for APPS 4.0 behaviour and language via RFT say that:

In the same way that by technology it can be known about the surplus of fresh lettuce, it can be known from the market niches with little or no exploitation, so that the competition is kinder, more human, less rare.

Smart cities are not so much in home automation and those fridges that run to the ringing bell or that varied advertising in the tie according to who you talk to or in those "animaloids" that imitate the dog or the owl to keep us company as in not throwing lentils of any house to the garbage, in beneficial business circuits in barter of everything with everything well measured, in having each one its corralito and its small garden or in taking advantage of the empty houses at the minute of nap or of sleeping the cute one, come on, what have been the people of all fucking life.

What happens, is that technology can bring Madrid to Fornillos de Aliste, except for having your pig in the Castellana, although this now, or in Fornillos, already.

Why start and stoop to the matter seeing how we see the spirit?

Why do we see ourselves circling around the sun if we are navigating we see projects of horizons?

Why see evolution or involution of something smaller thinking about true love or the word of God?

The money is left out of the peace

The greedy meat is left over

They lack clean hearts, sincere, pure, really

Lack of love

There are plenty of egos

in the Revolution


I know your essential injustice, I never trust appearances.

Laugh the water game

And we ride, we ride, we ride

Are you cold or homesick?

Are you sailing through the bitter shell?

from the debris blooms

the fucking grass

upright bursts Paz's chest,

What is your name?

I tell you


to the ear

Angels come down from heaven

The Sacred Hosts Fall

like holes of time.

It was a Gift of Peace in my chest

of historical data

just fear

Willingness to Power



I do not even decide

Cynicism can come from cowardice or the will to power as much as sincerity.

Ender to thinking nothing vain or tend to zero grip or tend to the present intense carrying all the intentions on their backs are tendencies of advantage, but trends of achievement of experiences no more, to go increasing their percentage, or not, that is what God want. .

«Cast together», «pour together», «weld», «alloy», etc. .

Egyptian science,

black earth, that black powder that is magical,

in Greek, fusion of liquids ...

All the hypotheses in etymology are or are usually true, and the weight is distributed according to the position and the posture and the way, we do not discuss the etymologies please, that are never linear, but structural, that everything is process and structure at the same time, whether or not it is intervened or is intervenible or non-intervenible language is a suit that disguises the thought, #wittgenstein, as is, and vice versa, when we say what we do not even think. # tautology, #circuitos, sinister right hand etc

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE

However, for the national minorities in this region, the story is quite different. Recently, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) examined a report about XUAR submitted by human rights organizations, and accused China of holding as many as a million Muslims in concentration camps. According to this report:

…The government has implemented militarized security measures, invasive policing, and community surveillance, including through “big data analytics”; forced hundreds of thousands of people into “re-education” camps; and drastically restricted ethnic language, culture, and religion…

Regional stability and State control in Xinjiang is critically important for the success of Xi’s “Belt Road Initiative,” for which the XUAR is the primary land route for trade and investment in Central and South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Construction of a pervasive security infrastructure in Xinjiang, which began as early as 2009, has greatly accelerated since 2016, after Xi appointed Chen Quanguo as the new Communist Party Secretary for the region.

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