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National champions take on new role


Against this backdrop, national champions and brands take on an entirely new role. National champions are companies in large countries with a sizeable domestic workforce in strategic sectors. They have an inherent multiplier effect that politicians can leverage, for instance to create domestic jobs or increase wages

This would run counter to the practical vision of China’s One Belt, One Road initiative which aims to connect the world’s trade and infrastructure routes.

It makes sense to assist in Africa’s mid- to long-term development since this is a continent with an enviable young population, hungry for reskilling and retraining for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also makes sense to empower Africa’s demographic dividend to climb the social ladder into a middle-class lifestyle, to partake in entrepreneurial drives and innovation schemes.

The China-Africa co-operation model is such a goal

The result is the second largest navy (in terms of tonnage) in the world. China has built more than 100 warships and submarinesin the last decade, which means it now has a total of 317 warships and submarines in active service, outnumbering the 283 of the U.S. navy. And this is an on-going trend. At least two aircraft carriers and eight Type 055 ‘super destroyers’——which are as big as the cruisers of the U.S. Navy, were under construction at the time of writing this article.

If Beijing continues the expansionist strategy, it would have to spend more on the military build-up to protect its overseas interests, especially after the recent unyielding speech given by US Vice President Mike Pence. However, in the current economic situation, further increasing military spending means cuts to education, social welfare or other public spending, which will eventually cause more mass incidents like the one in Leiyang.


Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, or appendixes inside Sylodium’s system via triangular trade so Sylodium’s places are the cities relations,

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Israel – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – SIngapore - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

The thinking machine 4.0 which is building algorithms for APPS 4.0 behaviour and language and knowledege tell us:

Today I was talking with an alien all the whore or holy night, as you look, and fuck, what a disappointment, it turns out that the guy was born in Tudela, but fuck, how good, we are not so small in the cosmos as I thought, he told me how the Earth does not, and that we take care of it, and yes very well, take care of it, I replied.

Those who say that man from the point of view of the Universe is a speck of dust and from the spiritual point of view it is the entire universe they are lowered to Earth to agree that man is wonderful and miserable at the same time, and that not only others, but he is also miserable, and that the powerful also have their wonderful part, he is already being put in coordinates not to overthrow anyone, but to soften power relations.

Idealism can only penetrate materialism from whatever is true.

They have the caste and the powerful, as a rule, a virtue against the mass, the people, and it is their cold blood; Excessive passion, let's not say sentimentality, brings nothing but problems in very large organizations.

There are moments to gloat in the instant and crush it, moments to abandon oneself to the fate of God, moments to not think about anything, moments to leave life in them and forget everything and also one as a slit of violent flesh, there are so many moments , as many, as words.

Nietzsche account that the bad one is not the one who hurts but the despicable one.

Plato tells us that the worst people are the best gifted people who fall into the worst education.

There is no doubt that if you are going to make a simple analysis of something, it always helps to put a third term, talk about bad, good and silly, it puts us better at good, or talk about better, worse, neither one nor The other places the criminal.

what is already known, to put recklessness in the courage cowardice pair, or to put art between theory and technology, or to put the relationship between appearance and reality (mind), in appearance and reality.

I am cheating, both Nietzsche and Plato, is not that they did not only consider middle terms, but that they had a complete structure in which they could navigate paquí paquí.

Technology Advantages LaFilosilosEsTecnología. #Eternal return #VueltaAlReloj


The matter is as simple as that God rewards you as you behave, and if you behave more or less well, that this is more or less behaving extraordinarily well, comparatively speaking, He is telling you, do this, do this another And, of course, He does not fail.


There is a “heavy algebra” in which in addition to the functions, we have the “semantic weight” of the variables that are compensated at their maximum limit as a balance, that is, the variable x (Consumption) can weigh more than the variable z (Investment) according to the position of the viewer (State, Banking, Workers ...) or less, the same as the variable is placed and (Public Expenditure) so that by moving it, changing position by "fault" of the viewer, the weights are rebalanced .

Points of view, like perspectives, are beams of light that overlap, distance, intersect as foci in the manner of optics.

Time and space coincide even though they are linearly disparate by spiral registration when they are interested in key coincidences.

The algorithms are structures, so that there is no miracle algorithm, but one algorithm per block, so you can speak of more or less suitability of the content from a business, or psychological, or linguistic, or scientific point of view.

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE

China has the world’s fastest rate of growth in total IoT connections. By 2020, the number of IoT connections in the country alone will reach 8 billion. An estimated 1.08 billion of these connections will be delivered over cellular networks.

CM IoT highlights: As a connection operations management platform built on the cloud, CM IoT is independent from the people-oriented operations support system and uses IoT-dedicated network elements for connection support. CM IoT provides a variety of digital service capabilities for connections of things, This enables hyper agility and scalability as existing IoT services explode in popularity while thousands of new services are being launched annually.

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