Oceanian IoT to Africa?

African to introduce Chinese and Oceanian IoT?

Why not the opposite, Chinese and Australian introducing African IoT systems in their countries?

It is believed that the Internet of Things will have reached mainstream adoption in Africa in the next two to five years. The expectation is that in Africa, the Internet of Things will “radically improve agricultural outputs, increase efficiencies at understaffed and overworked hospitals, and help reduce the traffic accidents

Any ideas about IoT in Africa to export to the rest of the world?

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African entrepeneurs to Chinese and Oceanian businesses.

The adoption of IoT in South Africa is steadily gathering speed, and with the introduction of Vodacom’s Narrowband IoT networks, South Africans will begin to see the benefits of the Internet of Things at both a consumer and at a business level.

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WATCH: ioT start-ups making waves in Africa

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

Forecasts by Africa Analysis shows that the IoT installed base in South Africa will reach 35 million by 2020. 

Let's take a look at ioT start-ups here in Africa that are chaning the game: 


This Kenya-based start-up uses Big Data analytics to provide useful insights on farming trends and productivity based on the accurate data that is generated.

Hardware elements of the solution include an electronic sensor placed in the ground, which alerts and gives farmers guidance, via SMS, on real-time soil conditions. .

Illuminum Greenhouse

develops innovative solutions for the agricultural sector by building greenhouses. 


is a mobile recruitment platform that aims to make finding employment for job seekers in South Africa quick, cheap and easy. 


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