Oceanian IoT - IIoT in Africa

African with Chinese and Oceanian Industries 4.0.

According to the IDC study, worldwide spending on the IoT is forecast to reach $772.5 billion in 2018. 

IoT spending will top $1 trillion in 2020

China’s mobile economy: from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Innovated in China’what about Made in Africa towards China Oceania or rest of the world?


We live in the FIR where talent and imagination plays as in the other 3 previous revolutions.

Do you have good ideas to introduce IoT - IIoT in Africa from China or Oceania and vice versa?

China is transforming from a trend-follower and cheap imitator to innovative trend-setter and global powerhouse. This new book covers business dynamics and global implications of Chian's mobile boom.

We need your talent and ideas, but reasonable ideas to “win win in proportion” businesses and beneficial circuits businesses!!

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African IoT-IIoT with Australia, NZ and China

You dominate your import-export niches: feel the power"

The upcoming Africa Tech Summit, slated for next month, will bring together African technology leaders to share expertise and do business, organisers have said.

The summit is slated to take place on February 14-15 in Kigali.

IoT-related services will be the second largest technology category, followed by software and connectivity

Tap Chinafrica and Oceania Africa relations via Sylodium!!

MTN and Huawei launch connected driver IoT solution in South Africa

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from Oceania and China to Africa. 

Connecting minds and smart technologies for the next generation IoT transformation

From IoT Africa

To establish itself as a regional IT hub and transition into a knowledge economy, Kenya has been putting a lot of effort and resources into growing ICT related businesses to foster innovation and develop a dynamic and sustainable ICT sector.


The 14b$ spent on creating the Silicon Savannah - Konza Techno City to support IT entrepreneurs, illustrate the dynamics at play in the country.

IoT Africa, taking place from 29-30 June 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya, will gather key stakeholders from government, healthcare, banking and financial services, telecommunication, utilities and service providers to address their challenges in deploying an efficient IoT network.

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