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Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Collaborating Robotics — How Do We Cope with Societal Discourse?

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Digital transformation and associated technologies—big data, cloud services and collaborating robots in particular—are generating enormous interest in our company. Industry 4.0 will have a strong impact in the coming years on Africa/South Africa in general, especially the South African manufacturing industry. It remains a key topic in South Africa and at the Manufacturing Indaba 2017, weighted value was placed on the subject.

Scratch the surface, and behind the enthusiasm generated by the technological developments lie issues for society at large concerning the impact and effects of digital transformation.


. This future is much closer than most think. Technology is continually developing and this at an ever-increasing faster pace. We as a nation cannot afford to be left behind, “Victor Marques, Country Manager of Omron South Africa notes.

Change in working conditions  

South African industry needs to find ways of adapting and using the technologies driving the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) to remain globally competitive, yet maintain and create jobs in a high-unemployment environment.

Industry 4.0 will influence the conditions of and requirements for employees in many areas. Driven by the application of machine-to-machine communication and an increase in the realization of autonomous systems, a scenario has arisen in which the demand for qualified production controllers and managers has increased but the demands placed on workers themselves can be reduced. How the increase in productivity is divided among workers depends crucially on social partners. The impact on the general situation of workers and unskilled labour can be positive. On the other hand, their skilled counterparts will have to come to terms with growing pressure on performance and skills.

“Therefore, education remains key as does a rapidly accelerated installation of infrastructure such as Fibre country wide and in all communities coupled with cost effective access to such infrastructure. We in Africa are presented with unique challenges and opportunities.

For sure our creative think tanks will have to come up with innovative solutions to fully utilise the opportunities that Industry 4.0 presents and how best to leverage these ideas to the benefit of our people.”

Victor Marques concluded by saying that we as South Africans need to start at the grass roots, our schools helping to foster an interest in the sciences at primary and secondary level will go a long way.

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