IoT-IIoT between Africans and Chinese.

Africans visionaries to Chinese and Oceanian businesses 4.0.

One of the more popular phrases associated with the internet of things is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

this fourth industrial revolution would change society, their business, and their relationships with workers.

In the broader concept of the Internet of things (IOT), the edge is the place where computing happens. In the IOT space, the edge is all devices, machines, sensors and work points that are conNEC (ICT solutions as IoT-IIoT)ted to the Internet. But, IoT and the end of business as usual.

Would you like rotate your African city or town with some interesting Project about reasonable IoT-IIoT, patents, projects, or even ideas?

Stark warning: unless companies are actively investigating investing in intelligence an IoT at the edge, they are going to be left behind.

We will use the advantages enabled by the fourth industrial revolution to make a better world, not just a stronger balance sheet, but via our own projects, Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology together with Sylodium. 

Do you imagine all the new kind of Jobs will emerge with Reasonable FIR and IoT-IIoT-AI?

Take a look just as examples to these 3 reports

the global Smart Light IOT market, analyzes and researches the Smart Light IOT development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.,-Status-and-Forecast-2022#request-sample

The report provides key statistics on the market status of the IoT in Robotics players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market.   

The global industrial Internet of things market delivers a complete analysis of industrial conNEC (ICT solutions as IoT-IIoT)ted devices and machines used for various applications by end-users depending upon their uses.

In Sylodium you have Job opportunities for manage your African country about reasonable tourims 4.0 specially in relationship with China and Oceania

You can build your own niches inside sylodium’s system as China – Africa Industry 4.0, Australia – North Africa AI, Guangdong – West Africa IoT APPS, New Zealand – Nigeria IIoT projects, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable AI, Shenzhen – East Africa FIR; PIF - North Africa Industry 4.0.

In this era of a new industrial revolution, dubbed as “Industry 4.0” embrace it via Sylodium from China to Africa or from Oceania to Africa 4.0 and viceversa.

in Sylodium you can construct now your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) between China and Australia, NZ; PIF countries towards Africa, inside our system, contact us here


NEC Increases its Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa-Based ICT (AS IOT-IIOT) Solutions Company XON into a Subsidiary. 

NEC Corporation NEC (TOKYO: 6701) today announced an increase in investment in XON Holdings Proprietary Limited (XON), an ICT (AS IOT-IIOT) solutions company based in the Republic of South Africa, making it a subsidiary through NEC Europe Ltd.

XON, a Systems Integrator throughout Sub-Saharan Africa established in 1996, designs, builds, operates, and manages information and communication technology solutions created specifically for customers.

Following the successful synergies and value created through the first transaction, NEC (decided to increase its investment in XON in a second transaction that sees NEC increase its stake in the merged XON-NEC Africa business to 59.1%.

Africa business provides NEC with the platform to capitalize on these opportunities.

NEC launched its operations in Africa in 1963 and has continued to contribute to the Continent mainly through building telecommunication and broadcasting infrastructure. In 2011, it established NEC Africa (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa, a company focused on growing’s business in the Sub-Saharan region.

Thereby, NEC will aim to expand its social solution business in the Sub-Saharan region and in the rest of the African region,” said Hironobu Kurosaki, President and CEO, NEC (ICT SOLUTIONS AS IOT-IIOT) Europe.

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