China - Africa Triangular Trade and IoT.

China’s Naturally Triangular Trade…

Note here that there has been a divergence between China’s balance with the United States and China’s balance with the euro area after 2008. Before the crisis, if anything the surplus with Europe was growing more rapidly than the surplus with United States. The yuan was undervalued against everyone—but particularly undervalued vs. the euro after 2003, as the yuan followed the dollar down. Obviously, the euro has been weak the past few years vs. both the dollar and the yuan. And the euro area hasn’t generated a lot of demand post-crisis either…

That’s a change from 2010 to 2016, when the deficit was falling—as parts production shifted to China.

The most likely explanation? Semiconductor prices. Memory chip prices have soared, "The price-per-bit of DRAM chips rose 47 per cent in 2017". And with it China’s imports from Korea and Taiwan.

Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context

Why is the U.S. concerned about growing cooperation between Israel and China on investment, technology and infrastructure?

The United States is primarily concerned with the transfer of U.S. defense-related technology to China and other technologies and capabilities that could strengthen China’s military edge. Chinese companies operating in Israel that have ties to military intelligence or to Chinese operations in the South China Sea would be particularly concerning to Washington.

Explain the security and defense implications of Chinese investment in Israeli dual-use technology innovation as well as ownership of the Port of Haifa and construction of the Port of Ashdod, both of which are located near naval bases.


In Sylodium’s system as in a chain link game, bilateral trade is transferred to triangular trade and from this to circuits business that are interwoven with other circuits generating new business opportunities

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Singapore - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0 

IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)


The constants of the crystallography are the angles that form the faces of the polyhedra, always equal, whether sulfur or sodium chloride, it does not matter, and that is that the same geometry is always formed for each one, not instead, of course , the dimension of those faces, that chance, that soul of fortune (spirit of chance) plays within the fate (the tubes) of destiny to give them greater or lesser size.

In the plastic enter the sculpture and architecture.

Fate has a figure whose scheme is filled in random looms that interweave fortune,



with his body and his genetics, with his taste and in his people, with his good or bad life and his detached or tied judgment, he weaves.

It is not so much the faculty of knowledge, but the way of thinking.

Light waves are a very small part among electromagnetic waves.

And if this were not so, how could we apply logic?

Also towards the light and towards life, another miracle of spring.

Of their nests and broom: at all and among the branches

That is not true, do not be like children boys, that you do things without faith, like a clock.

No drop of poetry, no law to any.

And how to die we didn't want

Night came, after day.

It's a different picture, but we still want to see that picture.

You love what you want, but you only pray to God.

So everyone said, Tales, Aristotle or Zeno.


Spotted smile and laughter burning on the ice of the wind of the first snows with the grace of the dance of your small and white members of pragmatic heart and inhuman causal obcecation.


in front of your beautiful friend

Make the ball fall in the lady's garden, as God commands.

Since this form can no longer be done in another way and matter.

You are already seeing it.

And the law, the light, they already sing, among the whole,

And nowhere

More than outside, it is an obverse and a reverse, like that person who is at the top of the mountain watching 3 or 4 villages at a time, while the head of each town can only look from inside at his people presupposing them, or at best, look up.

All the interpretations are interested, they have an end, and thus everyone finds stories in their favor, although they will hardly find them from here to a century when they look back and see obese people with asses like stretcher tables eating in the street talking with their mouths Shouted open with his squeaky voice through headphones soaked with sweat and grease.

Irritation and depression fill the heads without fresh air to breathe.

The phenomenon is distinguished from the noumenon or unattainable pure truth, and from the essence or practical truth with the form of the flow of what each thing is and is not in its confrontation with others.

Cold blood is missing in a burning heart and there are no clean hearts yet.

The Law (uppercase) is The Light (uppercase)

And the new testament is: “you will love God, or life, or energy, or the sun, or what you wanted to call it, above all things, and next time, among yours, for now, still far from almost , as yourself.


Barriers to Implementation

Although the IoT is steadily making its way to storage facilities around the globe, the adoption of connected warehouse systems remains the exception rather than the rule, and is mostly driven by the market’s key players.

In the age of real-time everything, visibility is crucial to ensuring that a company’s supply chain works as a well-oiled machine. IoT-powered warehouse management and control applications offer a whole new way to administer storage space, equipment, tasks and material flows.

As mentioned earlier, WMS — which is considered the baseline for implementation of more advanced technology — is still missing from one-third of warehousing facilities. In most cases, companies rely on spreadsheets and standalone software solutions such as pick-to-light or voice-directed picking tools, which do not work in sync.

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE

Enables smart transportation to provide flexible and customizable IoT card lifecycles for automobile enterprises, meeting all service scenarios of new energy vehicles from production, testing, and inventory to transportation, sales, and final use.

Offers multi-APN and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) charging capabilities to promote Connected Car services.

Assists the development of the sharing economy and provides stable and reliable IoT connection services and open API services for innovative sharing enterprises. China Mobile has issued more than 20 million cards for 8 sharing industries and 44 enterprises.

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