Internet of Things: software Jobs from China to Africa?

African looking for employment with Chinese and/or OCEANIAN 4.0 businesses?

How the Internet of Things will create a jobs revolution

However, there are plenty of industry pundits who believe that the Internet of Things will actually create a new breed of job opportunities

With IoT technology, you don’t have to be physically present at the venue to handle work. If your business does not have to deal with physical inventory, then you can make maximum use of IoT technology because it allows your employees to connect and work remotely, and studies have proven that remote workers are happier and more productive, which will significantly improve your business functions.

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What does it take to transform the African continent into a space of development possibilities?

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

There’s no denying the fact that IoT presents consumers and businesses with a unique and exciting opportunity. But at the same time, there’s been some worry, especially from an employment point-of-view – as more companies invest in IoT and automation strategies, many people fear that they’ll be out of jobs in the future.

The fact that IoT devices and software require basic knowledge and the ability to interact with technology makes it necessary for businesses to focus on recruiting skilled workers who can handle IoT technology efficiently. Hiring an individual who can barely make use of IoT technology will not only waste time and money but also have a severe negative impact on the productivity of the business.

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IoT software China – Africa 4.0?

China’s Artificial Intelligence Plan and IP theft

 Chinese companies are succeeding most with the software/network based applications of AI. This is the focus of the Baidu research center in Silicon Valley. They are not doing as well with mechanical devices such as robotics and smart vehicles and sensor based IoT devices.

Alibaba IoT Platform Partners with NXP for Automotive

Alibaba recently announced the release of AliOS Things v1.2, which includes a sensor-based component called uData. The ST sensors that have passed the AliOS validation have been integrated in uData and the two companies are cooperating on the development of IoT systems that aim to improve end-user experiences.

But for more sophisticated IoT, AI, “smart” products, the success rate of the Chinese companies has been low. How many U.S. consumers get excited about the purchase of a Lenovo computer or a Xiaomi cell phone? How many U.S. customers are interested in buying PRC knock offs of virtual reality headsets? Not many

What about Africans?

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Future IoT Oceania towards AFRICA?

Edge computing is the perfect solution for Australian firms looking to capitalise on the IoT revolution.

Boeing HorizonX invests in Australia-based nanosatellite communications startup Myriota

In a separate company release, Boeing announced it’s investing  in Australia-based Internet of Things (IoT) startup seeking to revolutionize satellite communications by providing low-cost access to high-value data in remote locations.

Myriota, and our vision to deliver IoT connectivity for everyone, everywhere

In fact, Australia needs to develop its edge infrastructure faster than most. Our dispersed population and vast distances between remote areas where data is being created and the nearest ‘traditional means of processing it’ (larger data centres in populated areas) mean we must create a network of edge infrastructure as part of a hybrid IT strategy to keep pace with our ambitious plans for IoT.

What about Africa?

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The edge is ripe for development in Australia. Businesses that recognise the simplicity, digital enablement and cost benefits attached to it will gain a competitive advantage and be in pole position to be an industry leader in the uncertain new world of IoT.

Spark NZ launches IoT network across New Zealand

New Zealand mobile telecommunications company Spark NZ has announced the launch of its Internet of Things (IoT) network, which is currently available in "60 percent of the places New Zealanders live and work.

Spark NZ is additionally considering partnering with other organisations to extend IoT network coverage into other areas, with agricultural company Levno in Palmerston North working to help expand coverage so it can deploy its fuel tank monitoring sensors.

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption in South Africa gets a boost

Day one of the Internet of Things Forum Africa (#IOTFA2018), which took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, South Africa between 14 and 15 March 2018 saw high-level executives and influential decision makers convene to discuss the latest technology solutions, specifically in IoT, in various industries including finance, transport, agriculture, energy as well as manufacturing

With IoT Forum Africa 2018 kicking off this week at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, we look at some South African Internet of Things (IoT) startups that are leading innovation in the field, and will likely usher the country into the fourth industrial revolution. 


Also based in Cape Town, Nervedata — which was founded in 2014 — has developed an enterprise IoT solution that tracks, monitors and measures crucial operational data in businesses.


has developed a low-cost security system that consists of a motion detector, smartphone app and SMS integration. The system uses a device that alerts users through the app or via SMS of any security issues.

Not startup only, but about big compaines too

Africa needs to make water infrastructure intelligent

Siemens recently hosted 48-hour hackathon – #DigihackAfrica2018 – which brought together Siemens engineers alongside IoT and digital industry experts from IBM, IoT.Nxt, Atos and Wits University to work on ideas that will have the potential to disrupt the IIoT environment in Africa. The winning team presented a decentralised intelligent water management system.

Cisco, Comsol and NIL have on Thursday, 05 April 2018 announced an agreement to help accelerate the adoption of IoT-enabled devices and networks with applications such as ‘intelligent farming’ and Smart City technologies

Other topics discussed included how policy regulation can support the advancement of IoT, IoT strategies that can unlock true business value as well as well as the future of Artificial Intelligence in cybercrime.

The Cisco gateway architecture increases the resilience and security of our LoRa network. As we see rapid adoption of IoT services globally, security and uptime are becoming more critical. The partnership allows us to offer our clients a best of breed architecture backed by Cisco with support from NIL,” says Greg Montjoie, IoT COO at Comsol.

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