IoT – IIoT - AI to tap China – Africa bilateral and triangular trade.

China’s OBOR to transform the Earth?

China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative, also known as “One Belt, One Road,” chronicled on Sunday in a lengthy article in the New York Times, fits into this soft power offensive in some respects. Beijing plans to spend and raise as much as $1 trillion in an effort to create a vast new road and rail infrastructure, energy projects, and other needed infrastructure across many parts of Eurasia and even in Africa and parts of Western Europe. One Belt, One Road is by far the largest such economic spending plan in the world today – and one that is larger, in its spending, than the famed Marshall Plan was.

A key question, Weatherby said, is whether BRI project developers will adhere to international best practices or will only aim to meet local environmental requirements, even when those local environmental standards are low – resulting in a race to the bottom.

“China has previously cited a ‘pollute first, control later’ concept, arguing that economic development must happen before full attention can be paid to environmental issues,” Weatherby said. She stressed that, while this policy has improved in recent years, many Chinese companies still have a reputation for meeting local environmental standards and not going beyond that – even when they may have the capacity to do so.

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The infrastructure creation, aid, and jobs that will come with the initiative could boost growth in places from Laos to Pakistan to many parts of Eastern Europe, and could theoretically improve China’s public image in these countries and regions. After all, the United States is supposedly retreating into an “America First” crouch while Beijing is lavishing these funds on building infrastructure and promoting trade, all the way from its near neighborhood to the Balkans.

“The [environmental] standards that Chinese financiers and developers employ will therefore be a key factor in determining the ultimate environmental outcome of BRI projects, and it is not yet clear whether the Chinese government or financial institutions will require best practices, or have any way of monitoring BRI-funded projects to ensure that they meet anticipated standards,” she said.

Eugene Simonov, a coordinator at the Rivers Without Boundaries International Coalition, believes that BRI poses many environmental risks, including the export and proliferation of dirty and destructive technologies such as coal and large hydro, increased fragmentation of natural landscapes, intensified use of water resources in water-scarce regions, and destruction of forests.

If you add Industry 4.0 to OBOR, sure you will be in the new trade trends.

Inventory Management 4.0

If Robot-bots had used AI software, things could be different. AI could scour data – such as robot demand, bearing supply and ball screw supply, much faster than a human could possibly do. Then, it could cross-reference this data with the company’s own order history, inventory and figures to flag up that the business was running out of components in advance.   

Interestingly, this software can also be used to flag growing markets. In this instance, it could identify an increasing market for cleanroom robots. As per the insight, the Robo-bots could make the decision to order some of its usual robots with additional cleanroom adaptations. 

Suddenly, Robo-bot’s stagnant top-line growth seems much more prosperous, thanks to the integration of intelligent and insightful software.

Of course, Robo-bots is a theoretical company with theoretical circumstances, but the message remains the same. Intelligent inventory management holds huge potential for improving a business’s top and bottom line.

AI does not only hold potential for machine builders, but also for resellers and distributors of industrial equipment. Consider a servomotor distributor as an example. The company has a regular order with a servomotor supplier, receiving a bulk order every quarter.

 Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

Now imagine if a plant manager took that one step further, streaming that dashboard to the plant common area or lunchroom, showing how a specific user or shift was performing versus other teams, individuals or even themselves. And what if the high achiever wouldn’t just receive a handful of tickets to trade in for a fun pack of Skittles or a Whoopee Cushion, but an extra day of vacation or a gift card.

Secretly, the plant is the real winner, as everyone is more engaged, sharing in a common goal, and possibly even having fun.

This is the new world of manufacturing "game theory"—pulling together the combined powers of big data, analytics, the IIoT, smart tools and the workforce’s natural competitive instincts to drive more efficiency and productivity across the enterprise.

The thinking Machine 4.0

How much beauty and truth there is in distinguishing varieties of colored and uncolored thought. Patanjali.

A portable compass of the cubic thought x, y, z, moves according to its sense through its Logical Gates, and it also does not support more color than white 1 or black 0,

if it is so decided, others, would put the 1 to the black, Logometry

having university careers is like knowing languages, there are economists who vote for the radical left, jurists who vote for pro-independence parties, physicists who believe the big bang theory, and people who say the same, exact bullshit, in Italian than in Russian.

And then there are the journalists, who believe that when the prosecutor asks for 500 years in prison, that is the penalty, and that they believe that microeconomics is the economy of housewives.

Incidentally, the economy of a country, is not how the domestic economy, or even as a company, no matter how big, we say it because there are politicians, who use metaphors of this type, very often.

There are also the official sages, such as Habermars or Chomski, who out of every 10 sentences, 5 are perroflautas, 4 truisms, and 1 with a special touch.

the nobel of economy Milton Friedman said that you grant to any government, of any color, the administration of the # Sahara, and in 5 years the scarcity of sand is achieved.

Although Ortega y Gasset also said that the great Keynes would not stop being that, an #economist.

Today, there is no self-respecting progressist who is not in favor of coal and taxi.

When American cars could not compete more with the Japanese and Europeans, no American institution put a dollar in Detroit for not throwing money away.

In the emerging region of Catalonia, they do not throw away money, they burn it.

The paradox is that there is more social Welfare in the USA than in Europe, because they have more disposable income per head, something else, there each one, is that this social welfare is consumed in the typical slave stupidities.

The new Language 4.0

(Mode Media, Logometry, how we talk and think, and Laesontario) this is a new language representing the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence that moves all planes and pages by an ordered system, using Rexiology monads, Ues order, trhee levels and steps in x,y,z coordinates, inside our ZriForx System where you can navigate without loosing your real position and you tap the AI Sylodium’s business language for IoT and IIoT.


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