China - US - Africa trading and IoT.

Triangular Trade… and What China’s Bilateral Trade Data Is Telling Us Right Now

Oil prices are now down (Brent is in the 60s, WTI is in the 50s), after previously being up significantly. If the recent fall in oil is sustained, China's petrol balance should stabilize.  

Import volume growth should slow a bit thanks to somewhat slower overall growth on the back of deleveraging/policy tightening, but perhaps only a bit. China is at a minimum backing away from tightening, and perhaps moving toward outright stimulus.

Trump’s tariffs haven’t had a major impact on China's overall exports so far, but they might in the future. The surveys of export orders point to a significant slowdown next year. On the other hand, there is also an argument that China’s currency could have another leg down, which would support exports and likely juice the manufacturing surplus (if semiconductor prices fall). 

Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context

Involvement in infrastructure projects such as ports and rail that are adjacent to important military bases could present risks of cybersecurity, data privacy, and espionage, especially if Chinese companies install and have access to cameras, radio, fiber-optics, and cellular networks. Both construction and investment activity raise concerns of Chinese social and political influence. An example of such influence was demonstrated in 2013 when the Chinese government conditioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit [to China] on Israel ending a federal court trial in New York against the state-owned Bank of China, which was accused of laundering Iranian money for terror activity by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Netanyahu agreed and what had been described as “the most significant and contentious terrorism financing case ever filed in New York” was dismissed.


In Sylodium’s system as in a chain link game, bilateral trade is transferred to triangular trade and from this to circuits business that are interwoven with other circuits generating new business opportunities

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Singapore - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0 

IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

The sacred and secret public

Praise the rest of the book, San Anselmo

And this is you, Lord, finished consciences that are my own

true belief

the reduced ego

the unpublished in life

self perception

literary production

infinite multiplicities corresponding to each cube or object

they shoot at him without compassion.

What is neither inside nor outside but touches both and unites them (does not synthesize), is neither inside nor outside, but unites the inside with the outside (without eliminating them), the UNINTERIOR of the poet and the speaker, of the Apollonian and the Dionysian, of the moon and the sun, of the useful and the mechanical ...

The Uninterior has some transit from the dialectic and interior of the song of the coin, but beyond mediating, the uninterior is power, dynamics, strength, heart, power that unites and reflects directly without reflection or representation, it is the spiritual essence , made meat.

The incoherent survives, defends itself, acts falsely, deceives, the hypocrite judges, falsely instructs, deceives.

And the border between tricking and cheating?

There you have the uninterior between Hypocrisy and incoherence.

There are as many holes in time as in the phases or series of a march (those empty holes of La Hurdimbra that nobody could remember) hence the need to mark some milestones

the glimpse of the long and rude journey of so many events encompassing it in a hard block is of little use to us as a word

the radiant hides his drunk gesture

throw it on the donkeys does not take away your guilt

on flat ground

we jump in front of the pastor

Monism and atomism are the two sides of the same historical egg-shaped coin with a horizon closed on the outside and explosive on the inside.

Diego de Mendoza in 1547: "Averroes and Alejandro de Aphrodisia are pale commentators of # Aristotle, I have the greatest rigging of his texts more correct than any other 800-year-old man until today" Unconscious History and departure

Hestidolia as a skin edge history and your story are interwoven in the throat

Orchid roots are stalked on their backs

Just as each instrument or animal represents a type of man. The ears or liver would be unique instruments and animals.

Heminemetic we saw the new syntax bleed by lighting our candle just below our consciousness

lettuce and chip

each relief

a young winged

digest without passing through the mouth



Nodriza of each word

from "normal thinking" looking at the conscience painted rudely on the wall we make #autoconscience and the threads of thought are released without getting lost at all, usually making sense. We do not want a transparent house or home automation or stone but # heminemetic

ABOUT Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

The negative implications of growing U.S.-China technology tensions are reverberating around the world with disrupted supply chains and protectionist trade policies. If tensions escalate further, Israel could risk finding its American and Chinese trade partners less forgiving of its delicate balance. But every crisis is an opportunity. A technologically robust Israel can gain from being pinched in a technology triangle as long as it maintains well-thought-out controls on dual-use technologies. Enhanced coordination between Israel’s commercial and security technology sectors on dual-use technology transfers can help sustain this delicate balance. Even with these measures, a hard balancing act is bound to become harder as technology trade between the three countries increases and political and security tensions continue to escalate.

Strategies for Africa to thrive in this new era of globalization

Backed by huge investments from both the public and private sector, a combination of logistical support, postdoctoral fellowships (for social, fundamental and applied scientists), Artificial Intelligence expertise, and most importantly, an opportunity for group discussions and reflections, would provide an opportunity to promote creativity and the cross-fertilization of ideas.

Addressing Africa’s grand challenges through knowledge brokering

The importance of translating research evidence into policymaking and practice is essential in improving the socio-economic progress of Africa. Our inability to do so in the past has led to wasted resources and inequalities in health among others. Moreover, in spreading and supporting the use of research evidence, knowledge brokering plays a significant role in the creation of research evidence.

A key strategy in knowledge brokering is to assist decision makers to commission research through the synthesis centres by identifying and transforming their issues into clearly articulated research questions. The output of these regional synthesis centres becomes key to addressing our challenges such as climate change, poverty, and health problems among others

Industry 4.0' ignites change in motor industry - 5 major disruptors to affect SA

Firstly, he mentions the movement from combustion to electric is becoming much more pervasive.

"We will also see fully-connected digitised cars that do much more than get you from A to B. Cars are becoming spaces to work, to shop online, to watch movies, to connect to medical professionals, and more."

"As we see rapid urbanisation new forms of mobility will become the new normal. These include current options such as Uber, Lyft and better public transport but also sharing applications like ZipCar.”

Fourth on his list is the changing nature of transport to and from work which he believes, will mean fewer trips and thus less dependence on vehicles which makes new mobility options more attractive.

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