The unique way to build a real AI system.

SYLODIUM is preparing the new language software to play and discover coming facts via the real and rude causes covering psicology, sociology, human language, and social sciences showing the coming world economic order via AI, and IoT, to change our point of view of busineses, science, language, and society towards the government of Smart cities in Polycracy, so not only a point of view.

In our system, JM0_TAS-133 all data enter by the way they have to enter, It is like a mold that enters the clay of life, to structure it and give the right weight to each thing according to the case.

We will start with China OBOR 4.0 towards AFrica, here some news related:

With OBOR being so closely tied to the current Chinese leadership, despite the extension of President Xi Jinping’s term as leader, agreed this month by China’s National People’s Congress at the annual session, experts warned that medium- and long-term research and higher education projects may not necessarily be secure.  “Can China lead global higher education? I think it can, and I think it will, but not in this way,” Kirby said.

Nevertheless, the strongest response comes from the United States. In May 2018, America renamed the U.S. Pacific Command as the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, something which has been interpreted by analysts as a change to counter China’s influence in this region. Now nearly 60 per centof the US surface ships and over 60 per cent of US submarines have been deployed in this region.

Chinese mantra of win-win co-operation makes political and economic sense

Should we then not consider imposing a 1% wealth tax (about $400-billion), as Thomas Piketty and others suggested to deal with poverty, inequality and unemployment (PUI)?

Countries in the Global South are looking elsewhere for a model that could spur economic growth, build state capacity and unite society towards a common vision.

Post-1978 China is proving popular and gaining traction, in Africa above all. From Ethiopia to Kenya and South Africa, the Beijing Consensus is becoming a favoured friend instead of the Bretton Woods agreement.


Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, or appendixes inside Sylodium’s system via triangular trade so Sylodium’s places are the cities relations,

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Israel – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – SIngapore - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0. 

IN Syodium, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY playing in the global contest game; UNO, where you own the new land, and you can play, barter, sell, buy, get alliances, build franchise, build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business), create you own Business Game.

IoT, IIoT, and IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of Io

China Mobile and Huawei jointly committed to building an agile, open, and secure IoT operations platform which would perform at the industry leading scale of the markets they serve. Built using Huawei IoT BSS product, the CM IoT Platform was the result – where CM not only short for China Mobile, but also for Connection Management and Centralized Management.

Amazon, pioneer of the e-commerce warehouse transformation, now employs over 100,000 robots worldwide to move and group stock for specific orders. The company experiments with delivery drones and has been awarded two patents for connected wristbands which detect the position of a worker’s hands, and incorporate a haptic feedback system that’s designed to monitor the location of inventory bins.

On the other hand, China’s overseas expansion is a crucial part of the propaganda that is boosting the party’s authority and popularity. Two recent popular movies, Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) and Operation Red Sea (2018), both tell stories of Chinese soldiers safeguarding China’s national interests in Africa. Wolf Warrior 2 includes a scene where in order to protect its citizens, a destroyer of the Chinese navy fires cruise missiles to attack targets located in the territory of a sovereign state that is not at war with China. In the other movie, a special force squad of the Chinese navy is sent into a country where a coup d’état is occurring.

Some early examples of successful IoT implementations in warehousing include DHL’s smart warehouse system, created in collaboration with Cisco Systems and Conduce. Based on Cisco’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and Conduce’s data visualization platform, the system enables DHL managers to view data collected from the WMS, scanners and material handling equipment in real time, and match it against order records to increase operational efficiency and workplace safety. 

The thinking machine 4.0 to build algorithms for APPS 4.0 behaviour and language via RFT say that:

Free thought is written in notebooks without a grid, without previous facts, and delivers something like a light vertigo to the heart that grieves like the shadow of a shy flame that tells you, close your eyes, friend, look for the antonym to the sticky and constant old threads so that they go out and show the role of the black shadow in which to think with the white threads of the new words that extract their ephemeral and distinctive punctuality after their meticulous confrontation,

but remember, do not forget:

without "enhedral" threads,

nor previous facts.

Said # Seneca with the reason of his time that it is better not to speak well of oneself because nobody believes you, nor badly, because they believe you right away, instead, today, there are politicians or priests, telling us extremely well of their incredible capacities and their extraordinary kindness and unpayable concern for our welfare for one side or the other or there or there, and then that, that's the way it is, what Seneca is from another era, because the rock is still voting, and almost, that even Sometimes, as excited.

Selling Saturation: Why Gamification Marketing Has a Shelf-Life

Beyond the potential scandal of gambling addiction, gamification marketing is cannibalizing itself. The entire conceit of gamification is that it makes its user base more knowledgeable and engaged.

This means that we can take steps to avoid falling “victim” to every single sales pitch in our lives. This also means that gamification marketing isn’t smart enough for its users in the long run.

On the other hand, it could just require adaptation of the strategies themselves. More companies strive to integrate gamification into their marketing campaigns and business models every day. We can only wait and see how users respond to this gamification saturation.

Other news from Industry 4.0