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1.- Europe in a deep crisis

2.- the boom and prosperity in Latin America

3.-Conclusion, Europe has to look to Latin America, peer to peer

Latin America has done his homework

After 31 economic crisis, they have learned their lessons, so they now have a much more consolidated European macroeconomic policy

Furthermore, the strong demand in Asia and the rise in prices of raw materials, this has grown greatly to Latin American countries.

EU – Latin America

EU-CELAC -A Strategic Partnership for the 21st century

the first bi-regional Summit, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1999, established a strategic partnership.

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), launched in 2010 involving 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

They are natural partners linked by strong historical, cultural and economic ties.

the goals: boosting small and medium enterprises, to gain competitiveness to internationalize, developing vocational training ,  and increasing investment in R & D ...

No other country or bloc to hold such an advanced negotiation with Mercosur and the EU.

The FTA with UE will represent for the Mercosur countries increasing their exports to Europe nearly 40%

Exports from Brazil, the largest partner over Mexico, rose 26.4%.

European sales grew faster towards Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, although Argentina from 2012 imposed barriers to imports from all origins.

FTA EU with Mexico 2000 and EU - Chile 2005

The free part of the agreements between the EU - Colombia and EU - Peru has

been  provisionally applied since 2013. Ecuador 2014. 

EU - Central America parties are provisionally applying a free trade area since 2013.

Europe remains the largest investor in Latin America and the second largest trading partner after the US.

Latin America in spite of the Spanish language in common, is a continent as diverse as Europe. 


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