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1 the essence of any Empire is being empire forever, conquering the most of countries they can

2 Today, USA's Empire says to other countries that it wants to help them

3 Conclusion, USA is lying 

Could work better sell the truth, 80% of business for me, 20% for you, than being hypocritical?

Although the truth in political is nearly impossible, and is very difficult in business or in life.

We will do it in the Chinese way, business for all parts, the participants, the collaborators, and us (obviously the highest part)

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around 1820 Latin American countries got the Independence of Spanish Empire.

Starting the 1860 the rapid economic growth of the United States increasingly involved in Latin America.

1914 borned the Panama Canal created and controlled by USA

United States considered the Western Bloc (EU and all America) as the "free world", in contrast with the Eastern Bloc,

the Cold War had important consequences in Latin America, as the 1959 Cuban Revolution and later the spread of Che Guevara's way,

Against "Communist subversives", By 1976, all of South America was covered by similar military dictatorships, called juntas supported by USA

Latin American countries view again in 1982 after Malvinas/Falklands War between Argentina and UK, how Hemispheric relations actually works due to UK was supported by the US against Argentina,

in the 2000s, in several South American countries won socialist governments again.

LAIA or the Union of South American Nations (Unasur-Unasur) grouping Mercosur countries and the Andean Community are by the moment failed attempts.

But NAFTA, Pacific Alliance or the CAFTA-DR are working with more advantages than disadvantages (in our opinion).


if we say that the future of international trade in internet is in our hands we don’t exaggerate

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

but also for our next step

The connections must include also the actors

Each relationship of actors, will be a page for business,

we offer you 2 ways of working with us

First, representing SYlodium in your area

Second, managing one of these appendixes will be introduced


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What is international trade focused to the future

Contact us, we will explain you about your work and tell us how do you see the future of one of these appendixes

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