U.S.-Mexico: international trade. (By Sylodium: global import export directory).

Mexico is the US third largest trading partner (after China and Canada in exports), while the US is the first Mexico's trading partners. Both countries, starting 2013, will open their markets and investment even more than before, fostering exports to create jobs and revenues for companies, expanding opportunities and growth to the success of the two sides, battling corruption, and establishing specific policies for all these goals.

Mexico has a population of about 111 million people, US about 315 million people, but GDP of Mexico is about 6% of U.S. GDP.

The proximity, the NAFTA (since 1994), and other many social and political issues, compensate some problems, like recent trade war about tomatoes, or smuggling and illegal immigration in the border (critical to the bilateral trade relationship), and other common threats and risks.

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