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1.- Mexico is 14th partner of Spain, and Spain disappears as partner of Mexico with very low figures after USA, China, Canada, Germany or Pacific Alliance countries,

2.- Mexico and Spain are not only brother countries, but neighbors countries as we know that the seas join countries, don't isolate them.

3.- They are working together but still there is too much highway for walking


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There many ties between Mexico and Spain, one of them: football,

Mexico is part of the Strategy of Real Madrid to reconquer Latin America vs Barcelona and promote sports and helping children around the world

Chicharito should help to this strategy.

Returning to general matters


Population: 115.296.767 (11th). GDP: $1.759 trillion (11th). GDP per cápita: $15.312 (64th)SPAIN


Population: 46.030.109 (27th). GDP: $1.411 trillion (14th). GDP per cápita: $30.557 (27th)

From ICEX (2014)

Mexico imports from Spain: 3.507.084,52           

Spain imports from Mexico: 5.128.961,52          

Trade Balance -1.621.877 unfavorable for Spain

TOP products

Exports of Spain to Mexico. 1st: Equipment, parts and automotive accessories 438.295,27. 2nd: automobiles 201.830,63     

Exports of Mexico to Spain. 1st: Fuels and lubricants 4.197.184,98. 2nd: Equipment, parts and automotive accessories 150.483,78.                 

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