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  1. Nigeria-Mexico agrees on trade and investments.
  2. The Federal Government of Nigeria in a bid to improve the bilateral relations with Mexico has inaugurated the Nigeria/ Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  3. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry would help to increase the level of trade between both countries as well as open investment opportunities for investors from both countries.
  4. Both countries make diversify their economies away from oil and tap into the opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture and the automotive industry.
  5. South Africa has been the largest trading partner of Mexico in Africa, but in 2014 Nigeria is now the biggest trading partner of Mexico in Africa with a trade 22 per cent higher than South Africa.


Population: 170.123.740 (7th)

GDP per cápita: $2.578 (143th)


Population: 115.296.767 (11th)

GDP per cápita: $15.312 (64th)

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