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  1. UK - Mexico, UK explores export opportunities to Mexico.
  2. Subsea UK is making sure British subsea businesses can capitalize on opportunities in the Mexican oil and gas market.
  3. The organization’s chief executive has been outlining the wealth of skills, innovation and experience of UK subsea companies at a meeting with the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Mexico.
  4. The recent energy reform in Mexico saw certain restrictions on the state-owned oil company Pemex lifted, which now allows the firm improved access to foreign businesses.
  5. More importantly, the reform also opens up the region to international operators for deepwater development.
  6. There are currently more than 25 British companies active in Mexico’s oil and gas sector, with many more looking at the emerging opportunities.
  7. Mexico is one of the most exciting regions with major potential for UK companies, according to Mr. Gordon the organization’s chief executive.


Population: 62.262.000 ( 22th)

GDP per cápita: $36.728 (22th)


Population: 115.296.767 (11th)

GDP per cápita: $15.312 (64th)

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