How AI and IoT will help drive the future in China – Africa relations.

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"Let's make Africa a digital Africa," Jack Ma tells entrepreneurs

“Let’s make Africa a digital Africa,” Mr. Ma said at the event, dubbed Netpreneurs: The Rise of Africa's Digital Lions.

Mr. Ma, who currently serves as UNCTAD special adviser for young entrepreneurs and small business, said he always believed that “when everything is ready it’s always too late” for entrepreneurs. Their role is to create the conditions to prosper, not wait for them.

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How Africa Can Embrace an AI-enabled Future 

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China – Africa Artificial Intelligence IoT/IIoT.


Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses, concluded his unprecedented visit to Africa and announced the $10 million ‘Netpreneur prize’ for African entrepreneurs during his keynote address at the “Netpreneurs: The Rise of Africa’s Digital Lions” conference in Johannesburg.

The conference which was organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Alibaba Business School and the Jack Ma Foundation had a pool of young African emerging entrepreneurs in attendance. The business mogul sang praises of young African entrepreneurs and their landmark achievements which has attracted foreign investment to the continent.

How Africa Can Embrace an AI-enabled Future

Leapfrogging aboard the AI train

Currently, no African country is among the top 10 countries expected to benefit most from AI and automation. But, the continent has the potential to catch up with the rest of world if we act fast.

To play catch up, we must take advantage of our best and most powerful resource – our human capital. According to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), more than 60 percent of the population in sub-Saharan Africa is under the age of 25.


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China International Robot Show: What’s the smart thinking on AI?

The artificial intelligence that helps Pepper and other robots think is advancing at such speed that when I asked the director of the Japan Robot Association if he could tell me what the latest capability of AI was, he told me it had already moved on from the day before.

AI will lead to changes in how we work, and unforeseen changes in how we live. As we move from wondering what robots might be able to do, to wondering what they can’t do, the philosophical debate over living in a world alongside robots has become a practical concern. 

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How AI and IoT will help drive the future

These shifts should not be feared as change always brings opportunity and these trends, from population growth to rapid urbanisation to the explosion in big data, will present significant opportunities for all businesses. But to capitalise on these possibilities, business leaders may have to adjust their perspective. We will all need to open our minds to radical new ideas to succeed, part of which will shape the way IoT (Internet of Things) will have an impact on the future of work and how this will drive change in society.


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 Lean Manufacturing and the Smart Factory

Star Rapid embraces Industry 4.0 with expanding leadership

Beyond technology

Apparently, the philosophy of Star Rapid’s transformation also leans heavily on its employees.

“One of the secrets of success is to not send changes down from senior management as an edict,” explains Hunter. “The simplest way is to ask the engineers and the line leaders what information makes their job easier. That leads to a different way of managing the business. The objective of Star is not to have lots of operators, but to have a team of world-class engineers. And that’s really exciting.”

Festo: Master Factory

Industry 4.0 initiative

Festo is a member of the German Federal Government’s ‘Industry 4.0’ initiative, and is involved in all key standards associations and programmes on this topic.


Recently Festo in Hungary has been selected to become one of the five Master Factories that will facilitate small- and medium-sized companies in Hungary to get involved in the multinational and digital industry. From the spring of 2018 the firm will welcome company managers in its Budapest production site where various automation solutions will be presented with the aim of helping them think about their own processes and how they can improve on them. “We believe that managers need to take a different approach in order to see the importance of joining this futuristic world,” says the managing director. “Our task first is to convince them that they are capable of introducing these technologies step by step into their operations.”

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