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Some reports about Laser Industry in different sectors:

The Global Aesthetic/Cosmetic Lasers Market accounted to USD 696.95 million in 2016 growing at a CAGR of 10.4% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2024. The upcoming market report contains data for historic years 2015, the base year of calculation is 2016 and the forecast period is 2017 to 2024.

In recent years significant improvement has been achieved by the use of Next Generation Laser Based Measurement Market technology in various application such as nuclear power, aerospace and the application of defense.

Ophthalmic lasers are used for treatment of wide range of eye problems. Significant accuracy, low-cost, safe procedure, and convenient ophthalmic tools has increased the demand for ophthalmic lasers. Patients prefer ophthalmic lasers treatment due to pain free procedures and easy availability on an outpatient basis. 

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EOS opens new plant in Germany to expand 3D printing capacity

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Industrial laser 3D printing company EOS (Krailling, Germany) has expanded its production capacity and relocated its system manufacturing facilities to Maisach-Gerlinden, just west of Munich, and closer to its headquarters in Krailling, Germany.

With the new 9000 square meter facility, EOS is boosting its production capacity in 2018 and is now capable of manufacturing up to approximately 1,000 systems per year. The move enables EOS to meet the growing demand for its systems, which it is now producing on an industrial scale. At the same time, its agile production processes and flexibly designed workplaces enable EOS to respond and adapt at short notice to the changing requirements of production, customers, and markets. 

ikolai Zaepernick: "Industrial 3D printing has arrived in manufacturing. We installed around 1,000 systems in the first ten years of our existence as a company, this number has increased significantly, particularly during the last two years. We now have an installed base of around 3,000 systems worldwide.

Over the next few years we also expect to see a further significant demand for our technology. Within the scope of digital transformation, as industrial 3D printing is one of the main driving forces taking us towards the digital factory of the future." He continues, "Our technology is therefore one of the key factors to smart manufacturing scenarios of the future and that's why we recommend companies to get closely involved with additive technologies right now."


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