What kind of FIR we want for the new world order?

Can you distingish stupid from reasonable from useful Industry 4.0?

Do you have cold blood and burning heart?

Obviously, speak about the necessary technology would be very daring, maybe in some case will be, and sure in many cases, if we over estimate the death, for example.

We need people with cold blood but burning heart to separate the stupid technology from the reasonable from the useful one.

What about new world order?

Can not be the AI used to organize in a fair way all global trade?

Of course can be, but ... Big Internet companies presume of being solidary as they practice charity, but, why charity instead of business? Why not give the reasonable money for the time you work for them without hardly noticing you are working for them for free?

Why don’t they stablish a currency as the “el UNO”, where 1 Naira in Nigeria, is the same that 1 Dollar in USA?

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Robocar Testing: It’s Simulation, Stupid!

You can still miss the ground truth even with millions of miles of test drives on the road

After the latest Uber debacle, in which the company’s robocar killed a woman crossing a street late at night, here’s the million-dollar question: Will the autonomous vehicle development community be talking more about their simulations instead of miles of real-world test drives that they racked up on public roads? 

The Stupid Economy?

Advances in automation and artificial intelligence already pose a clear threat to countless occupations, just as the technologies of the Industrial Revolution did for many forms of manual labor in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. But this time, it is not just our jobs that are in danger? Are makind stupid? Just in a sense, sure, not in all.

Millennials reveal they aren’t prepared for Industry 4.0 and the rise of automation

Be part of the future-ready generation of 2020 

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Business Colony Manager and Crowdfunding Organizer:

With more and more people choosing to be self-employed, in about 10 years the average person who turns 30 will have worked on more than 200 different projects. As a result business colonies that match skills and projects have emerged as an important new organizational structure

Avata designer: Avatar is a term used in Hinduism for a material manifestation of a deity, as Heminemo.

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Cryptocurrency Banker: A large percentage of online trades and global money transfers are already being done with alternative currencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

A data hostage specialist would have the software tools to free data being held hostage,

3D Food Printer Engineer

Food Engineer

Chief Data Officer: This will be the next big position to join the C-suite. Companies are increasingly using analytics to successfully leverage big data and create a better customer experience. As more data is generated by technologies such as IoT, there will be a need for experts to find valuable insights that result in a competitive advantage that  increases market share and profitability 

Some recent global movements in Africa, Russia, Asia, America, China, Europe 4.0

The EU and China will leverage renewable energy to create a new global order

When French President Emmanuel Macron last month urged a joint session of the United States Congress to “make our planet great again,” his message was intended for political leaders far beyond the walls of the U.S. Capitol Building.

This shifting global landscape is opening up opportunities for other nations to expand their soft power and enhance their nation brand through cleantech innovation. Look no further than the Emirates, which has the one of the highest energy consumptions per capita in the world. To meet is pledge to produce roughly half of its power supply from clean energy sources by 2050, it is building a massive solar park on the edge of the Arabian Desert.

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Middle East Moves Cautiously to Build Its Own Entertainment Business

Cut to 2018. The petrodollars are back — but with a more cautious approach — in a new wave of Arab investment led by Saudi Arabia, whose recent entry onto the scene has helped rekindle ties between Hollywood and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s beIN Media Group, which bought Miramax in 2016, recently made an unsuccessful bid for The Weinstein Co. It was expected then to bid for bankrupt TWC’s assets to fuel its pay-TV expansion, but has apparently opted against that — a wise decision, according to some analysts.

ICT Investment and Partnership Key to Fuelling Africa’s Digital Growth

Rapid advancements in information communications technologies (ICT) over the past 20 years has substantially altered the ways in which people live, work, play and interact with one another.

The World Bank’s World Development Report shows that ICT has a positive effect on a country’s economy, with a 10% increase in broadband penetration being associated with a 1.4% increase in gross domestic product (GDP) growth in emerging markets.

The future of manufacturing lies in digital transformation 

The South African manufacturing industry has come under significant pressure in the last decade with the traditional manufacturing industry currently in the throes of a digital transformation that is accelerated by the exponential growth of smart technologies.

The adoption and impact of FIR in South Africa has been relatively low at a foundation stage in the manufacturing industry overall, with some sector differences.

How Industry 4.0 is affecting sustainability across sectors

Every industry – manufacturing, transport, agriculture, education – is being disrupted and transformed beyond recognition by Industry 4.0.

“FIR, through automation, integration systems, data collection and data analysis, can help to inform industry and government on how decisions can be made about competitiveness, about manufacturing, and about the re-skilling of people in low-skill jobs,” says Conrad Kassier, Industrial Energy Efficient Consultant at United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).


Asian giants forging new world order?

Two Chinese defence industrial groups, the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), have each established what they call ‘smart manufacturing’ initiatives to drive capability development.

But, do you know what is really next?

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