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Start your business at China – Africa or LATAM – Africa 4.0

Are you willing to start your own business between China or Latin America towards Africa?

We know that Industry 4.0 will be the key driver of sustainable jobs and development for national economies and the foundation of good living standards

But do you have any idea about Industry 4.0 (specially IoT-IIoT and AI where we are developing interesting projects) to spread in your African country?

We will protect your idea if you don’t have any patent, as you will own the pages related, and the incomes from these pages, and a percentage from the developer of your idea.

In Sylodium you can choose niches as Shanghai – West Africa exim FIR items, Argentina – Nigeria AI APPs, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable IoT-IIoT, Colombia – East Africa FIR games, Mexico - North Africa Industry 4.0, etc to dominate them virtually to test real possibilites to start your own business offering your services or ideas to investors, or companies here at SYlodium.

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Africa: 4th Industrial Revolution - Whither Africa? 

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Mni — Today, Monday November 20th is Africa industrialization Day (AID). It is a significant day declared by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as an annual platform for Governments, businesses and organized labour linked to industrial development to examine ways and means to stimulate Africa industrialization process.

The officials of UNIDO in Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, manufacturers, relevant stakeholders, members of African affiliates of Industriall global union (with 59 million members in 149 countries) on Friday 17th of November, as part of the labour's activities to mark the day, organized 6th Policy Dialogue which extensively focused on the "Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0): Implications for Africa" at Yar'Adua Centre.

Industrialization and industrial policies as well as national development are too important to be left to governments and businesses alone. Indeed promoting sustainable industrial policy is one of the critical success goals of our global union. In Africa, promoting sustainable industrial policy even assumes a special importance.

Industry is a key driver of sustainable jobs and development for national economies and the foundation of good living standards. It does not matter whether it is first industrial revolution, (Industry 1.0), Second Industrial Revolution (2.0) Third Industrial Revolution (Industry 3.0) or the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), we as Africans must make what we wear (gold, rings and necklaces, clothes and textile), what we ride, (automobiles), what fuel our cars (petroleum products) what we build with (iron and steel), soaps we bath with, shoes we wear (chemicals and allied leather products) and generate energy we consume.

We must stop exporting raw cottons, crude oil, mineral resources, gold and diamond only to be importing finished goods from China, Europe and America. It does not matter whether it is small or medium scale enterprises, Africa must consume products it produces NOT imported or smuggled as it is the case in Nigeria. 

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