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At its core, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by the coming together of physical and digital technologies. By gathering and analysing data from machines and robots, we are able to obtain insights into the health and performance of industrial installations, allowing us to optimise their operation to increase uptime, speed and yield.

The Industry 4.0 concepts mentioned above include a range of technologies and tools that are all fully connected together in real time (hyperconnectivity).

As a key sector of the South African economy, the chemicals industry accounts for about 25% of the nation’s manufacturing sales and is the most developed of its kind in Africa, according to the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association.

Virtualisation, automation, analytics, and cloud, all in one architecture, are what enable traditional businesses such as the chemicals industry to deliver more secure, yet uniquely African solution for the African environment,

To seize the Industry 4.0 opportunity, Cisco believes that chemical companies should leverage digital tools and capabilities to detect shifts in markets

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While beefing up engineering talent on the shop floor is vital, skills gaps further up the food chain are also hitting home.

Overall, 30 per cent of respondents to the latest Stanton Chase Global Industrial Executive Survey say their biggest challenge in implementing industrial innovation is lack of technical skills, while 20 per cent say the same of leadership skills such as change management.

Industry 4.0 could actually mark a turning point.

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Workers must be trained for a new future

A fourth industrial revolution, featuring automation and data exchange, is set to transform industry, but requires new skills and training for the Africa workforce

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It seems that there are frequent bottlenecks due to a lack of common understanding and, in some companies, the speed of execution is hampered further by layers of hierarchy,” according to Gert Herold, the executive search firm’s managing partner and vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“It is a great challenge for the C-suite and talent management to prepare an entire organisation for workplace 4.0, to keep all seniority levels and age groups involved and motivated, and to safeguard permanent learning.”

China - Germany at FIR

China emerging as Germany's main economic rival? Maybe yes, but partner too.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed enhancing the synergy between "Made in China 2025" and Germany's "Industry 4.0", a project showcasing the alignment is under construction in Chengdu, southwest China.

The Siemens PLM Software Company will build an "Industry 4.0" intelligent manufacturing innovation center in Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi Province.

According to the plan, Siemens will provide research and development for Chinese manufacturers through the innovation center as Shanxi pushes forward digitalization of its companies.

Made in China 2025 is a Chinese government program for generating major and sustained investment in various future-oriented sectors, and especially in automated industrial manufacturing processes, often referred to as Industry 4.0 technologies

 the 4.0 innovative technology center will feature several Industry 4.0 production lines built by the German-based drive and control company Bosch Rexroth, which will help achieve intelligent manufacturing for the major auto manufacturing base in western China.

a jointly built Industry 4.0 demonstration production line in northeast China's Shenyang as a concrete result of cooperation between Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0 

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Electromobility is not in itself central to the Made in China 2025 strategy, but Industry 4.0 technologies are highly relevant to car factories of the future, and the Chinese quota for EVs will force rapid development of the country's EV production capacity. German car-makers should bear this in mind as they consider their e-mobility investment strategies.  

Brazil – Africa 4.0?

Industry 4.0 to be extended to other production areas

Technologically at the cutting edge and fully connected: Daimler Trucks is launching a new era of truck production in Brazil, involving systematic implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts

The use of Industry 4.0 concepts has led to an improvement of around 15 percent in the manufacturing efficiency of the new truck assembly line compared with the old lines. 

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Mercedes-Benz do Brasil will now gradually extend the concepts of Industry 4.0 production to all production processes for the major assemblies (engines, transmissions and axles) as well as to the manufacture of bus chassis and truck cabs in its two plants at Sao Bernardo do Campo and Juiz de Fora (Minas Gerais).

Germany – Africa Tech 4.0?

The experts call for a modernization of the bioeconomy strategy that takes into account that digitization and biology will increasingly merge. Sequence-optimised bacterial production strains, designed by self-learning algorithms to synthesise products with completely new characteristics at high yields belonged just as much to industrial production 4.0 as genome editing and synthetic biology

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Bioeconomy: Germany to lose pole position

An opportunity to renew Germany's leading position in bioeconomy policy is offered at the Global Bioeconomy Summit in mid-April in Berlin. In addition to high-ranking representatives of the European Commission and the OECD, ministers and experts from the USA, Canada, China, Thailand, South America and Africa will be drumming into political, industrial and biodiversity lecture series for the bioeconomy, 

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

The Role Of Robots In Industry 4.0 

As manufacturers around the world make strides to build out the vision of Industry 4.0, many – if not most – will embrace advanced machines to accelerate the digital transformation of their operations. The pressures remain: improve productivity, meet consumers’ expectations for customization and drive continuous product innovation while consistently lowering costs. Bottom line: manufacturers can’t ignore the thrumming beat calling for measurable and meaningful progress on Industry 4.0 in 2018. 

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