African importers from Chinese 4.0 manufacturers.

African entrepeneurs for Chinese companies

Are you an expert in Industry 4.0 (main in AI or IoT-IIoT)?

Is Africa ready for the march of the robots?

Is Africa does in the right environment to faster embrace the new technologies?

China has become the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. China started to rise, the manufacturing companies started to delocalise to southeast Asian countries, like Vietnam, and other Asian countries, like Bangladesh and today, Africa has also become the destination for some of these delocalising Chinese companies.

tap the opportunity, this one and the Belt and Road to leiusure Chinese companies and investors to your African country.

FIRST, I don't want your land. Second, I don't your money. Third, I don't want your resources."This is what Jason Yu, executive vice president of QIDI Tus Holdings, said at a roundtable discussion on the China Belt and Road Initiative held in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 (GEC2017).

"What we need is your talent and creativity." (In Sylodium way, contact us here

niches as Colombia – West Africa APPS 4.0, Beijing – Nigeria Shipping buinsess 4.0, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable FIR, Mexico – East Africa IoT-IIoT, Argentina - North Africa FIR APPs, etc to dominate them virtually.

African importers - Chinese manufacturers.

There are always possibilities for African countries to leapfrog technology and embrace the trends of Industry 4.0. However, the major impediments will be about the need for African governments to invest massively in the education of its young population and equip their labour force with the necessary digital competencies.

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from China and Latam to Africa.

"You dominate your import-export niches: feel the power"


China's Belt and Road Initiative: A flow for both sides to consider

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China hopes to benefit from their Belt and Road initiative (BRI). Launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and grandly lauded by him as the "Project of the Century", the BRI currently includes 60 countries across Eurasia and Africa.

It encompasses 62% of the world population, 31% of the world GDP, and 33% of global trade. Between 2014 and 2016, trade between China and BRI countries amounted to US$3 trillion (RM12.24 trillion).

 Helping Malaysian SMEs get ready for industry 4.0 (Could you plan similar ideas for your African country?)

Yu took up that theme. "We are trying to transfer technology from Tsinghua University to all the BRI countries." (Tus Holdings was formerly the Tsinghua University Science Park Development Centre that now develops and operates science parks associated with the university all over the world.)

"We will set Malaysia as one of the headquarters for our Southeast Asia business," promised Yu, adding that they intend to bring with them new innovations, new industries and new financial methods.

"We're actually trying to assist Malaysian SMEs, and help them in their industry transformation to become industry 4.0." 

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