African importing Latin American Industry 4.0.

African to Latin American and Chinese companies

Robotics Is Coming Faster Than You Think. China Is Coming Faster Than You Think

IoT and AI are Coming Faster Than You Think.

Are you an African visionary? Are you in Industry 4.0 Ideas?

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African entrepeneurs importing from Chinese and Latin American Tech Companies.

The robotics revolution was long thought to be mainly about Europe, Japan and the US. No longer. The whole world is on board and things are speeding up. 

In 2015, China bought more industrial robots than all of Europe. 

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from Latam (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica etc) and China to Africa.

Become a leader, not a follower in Industry 4.0

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Future-proofing SA as world heads towards super-smart society

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Dr Phil Mjwara, Director-General of Science and Technology: “In Society 5.0, people will be affected by technologies in ways we have never imagined before”.

The DST, long on a path to drive science and technology innovation, believes that its multiple programmes, along with the new White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation, will boost progress in research, development and innovation in South Africa as part of a growing national system of innovation.

In some areas, such as agriculture, modernisation, automation and the introduction of smart new technologies have become crucial due to environmental change; while in others, such as mining, smart technologies are essential for cost control and human safety

"The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and if we don't invest now we will be left behind."

"Industry 4.0" brings with it the risk of job losses, he concedes, but we need to put in place policies that allow us to reskill people appropriately. We cannot overlook the impact of development on people in the value chain."

South Africa needs a science aware public. As part of this, the third Science Forum South Africa.

Pan-African cooperation is an important part of the continent's largest "open science" event.



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