OBOR - Africa 4.0: A Revolutionary triangular trade.

OBOR Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade for 2030

“If your intent is to produce cars, phones, or TVs of high quality, you have to approach it differently,” Akella said. “Companies have huge data architectures, but executives get a ‘deer in the headlights’ look when you mention human beings.”

“The third dimension is traceability,” he said. “For instance, Samsung didn’t know at first why Galaxy Notes were blowing up. It had to examine process data from two plants and separate vendors.”

Drishti raised $10 million this past summer.

“We’re in expansion mode, and we’re growing rapidly,” said Akella. “We’re looking to connect with potential employees who believe in the centrality of human beings, which is something very different.”

“We’ll name customers next year,” he said. “We’re working with some of the biggest players in the automotive, electronics manufacturing, and medical device spaces.”

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future 

The success of the FOCAC Beijing Summit has once again fully demonstrated that the traditional friendship between China and Africa enjoys a solid foundation, and that China-Africa practical cooperation is full of vitality. The mechanism of the FOCAC is pragmatic and efficient. The vigorous development of China-Africa cooperation has not only promoted the development and progress of Africa, but also boosted the confidence of the African people and the international community in the future of Africa's development. It also drove international community to pay more attention to Africa and increase investment in Africa. With the support of FOCAC Beijing Summit, China is willing to cooperate with Africa to further upgrade China-Africa Comprehensive Strategic and Cooperative Partnership to a new level, and work hard to realise the great dream of China and Africa for common development and rejuvenation.


You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Singapore - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0. 

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again? 

You may have even been an early adopter from the early days, approved some rewards-based system, handed out prizes, and had little to show for it. You are right to be skeptical now. And you still should be—gamification is not a panacea for production bottlenecks or a steroid for low-achieving units.


Not all video games work (otherwise Atari wouldn’t have buried all those E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial cartridges in the New Mexico desert) and not all gamification will either. and not all gamification will either. In 2012, Gartner listed poor design as the culprit for 80% of gamification failures. 

But now, manufacturers have a powerful new tool to help make gamification work: big data.

Why China gains most from the Fourth Industrial Revolution – according to PwC

hort, the robot revolution will feed itself as China starts to service its own economy, rather than the rest of the world’s. This will have major implications for Western businesses that rely on China to manufacture goods at low cost, including much of the IT sector.

And that’s not to mention the ongoing US-China trade war, which Alibaba chairman and China’s richest man, Jack Ma, recently suggested might last for 20 years. On 19 September, Ma withdrew his promise to create one million US jobs, citing the ongoing trade war between the US and China.

The thinking Machine 4.0 Dodecahedron of 12 cubic viruses

1 the clock shreds the sequences and coherences

2 Consistency, not conscience, is inherited from parents, family, friends and acquaintances.

3 Your punctuality no longer disturbs me because any point has its coordinates in the web, besides, my fixity, it does not surprise me.

4 I register my intention as owner, nothing more, and I open my whole view to your network and its knots (each one has its web, and my punctuality is your fixity)

5 It is not a clock, but a handle, which delays or approaches each point

6 Communication, it is not fallacious


Example of 1,2,3

7 I went for tobacco, and I fell asleep

Example of 4

8 Every time you eat croquettes at your mother's house you'll remember me.

Example of 5 and 6.

9 I put the word complicity on your forehead.


10 The clock is useful if you do not load it on the thermostat yet

11 Consistencies can be swallowed as the square is swallowed to the triangle

12 The next time, with someone like me, I will not fall asleep.


#Google knows less about our tastes, inclinations, desires, virtual impulses, but does not know our hierarchies, what weighs more on our head, what we are being, the deeper mental grooves of each day, each month, each year ..

Gamification in Business is Highly Effective

Regardless of whatever shortcomings gamification marketing has, it works. In fact, the concept has been around for quite a long time. As early as 2011, news outlets and individuals wrote various opinions about the concept.

While some thought it was a fad that perverted the real purpose of games, others saw it as a revolution.

Despite this, employees are encouraged to engage with the gamification. And that engagement is key to how companies grow and flourish. With marketing, however, the exchange is not about knowledge or training. On top of that, refer to the points above.

new Language 4.0: Logometry (A and B)

D A MMV (Mode Media Viral, Multiple Metaphorical Viruses)

0 Center. Communication 4.0

1 Left: Contexts, Power Relations.

2 Left. Slang, language groups.

3 Left. Languages. Software Languages

1 Right. Media, TV, Radio, Press, Internet, RRSS .

2 Right. Advertising. SEO

3 Right. MMV, marketing 4.0

D-B Brinsemia

0 Center. Sum of words.

1 Left: Speech, voice, hearing, brain ... physiology of language.

2 Left. Rhetoric.

3 Left. Etymology.

1 Right. Fixed semantics

2 Right. Syntax 4.0

3 Right. Semantics 4.0

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