Start your import export Farming Business 4.0 from China to Africa.

Start your business at China – Africa or USA – Africa Farming 4.0

Are you willing to start your own agro business between China or USA towards Africa?

digital agriculture by working with others in the industry to help farmers overcome barriers of adoption to new technologies, but reasonable technologies, a balance with ecological and local agricultura.

But do you have any idea about agro-tech-eco-local Business to spread in your African country?

We will protect your idea if you don’t have any patent in Sylodium system.

In Sylodium you can choose niches as Shanghai – West Africa Fresh Veggies, California – Nigeria Agro APPs, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable agro 4.0, New York – East Africa farming games, Florida - North Africa farming 4.0, etc to dominate them virtually to test real possibilites to start your own business offering your services or ideas to investor and/or companies related.

Are you in agro 4.0 business from China or USA to Africa?

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches about AI, IoT, IIoT, APPS, and any reasonable tech 4.0 from China or Latam to Africa you choose.

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Case IH forging ahead with ‘Farming 4.0’…but what is it? 

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Case IH has publicly committed to aiding the development of digital agriculture by working with others in the industry to help farmers overcome barriers of adoption to new technologies.

At a recent workshop on digitising European farming equipment – organised by EURACTIV, an independent international media network specialising in European policies – the vice president for Case IH Europe, Africa and Middle East, Thierry Panadero, spoke about how digital farming represents the natural development of what the precision farming era has begun.


“And they can ensure security of data, automating recording so that farmers have exact cost and production details at their fingertips. Buyers can then be even more confident in the produce they are purchasing.”

The workshop’s aim was to provide a clear definition of ‘Farming 4.0‘ – the description for the digital age now underway, and which has followed the eras of mechanisation, the green revolution and precision farming – and to debate the challenges and opportunities.

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