African projects 4.0 towards Middle East.

 African projects 4.0 to Middle East and China?

The WB’s Global Economic Prospects report released on January 10, 2018 said there was a modest recovery underway in Sub-Saharan Africa buoyed by an improvement in commodity prices. 

The African Development Bank announced that it achieved a 100% investment in renewable energy in 2017, a major landmark in its commitment to clean energy and efficiency.

Some ideas for African projects exportable to Middle East or China in the opposite way they use to be?

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Swedish crowdfunding platform TRINE connects people with projects in Africa, enabling individuals to invest in solar energy, and giving them the opportunity to earn a return on investment of up to six per cent.

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African entrepeneurs to China EU and Middle East 

The Middle East and Africa region comprises varying economies, from developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa to the oil rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries of the Middle East. According to the World Bank, the Middle East and North Africa as a region posted 6.5% growth in industrial production year on year up to October 2017


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Solar steam powers homes – and new jobs – in South Africa

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More power, fewer emissions

South Africa may still get most of its energy from coal, but in the country’s sunny Northern Cape province, a different electricity source is taking hold: solar steam.

A Spanish renewable energy company has opened three thermal solar plants – which use the sun’s heat to create electricity - in the province.

The plants - which use sun-heated salt to drive turbines - produce enough electricity to provide power to just short of a million people.

That represents an important shift in a country that suffered power shortages as recently as 2015, but that now has excess power to sell to neighbouring southern African countries.

The other two plants, including Xina Solar One, completed last year in Uppington, on the banks of the Orange River, have created another 45 permanent and 1,300 temporary jobs

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