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Israel-China Ties: The ‘Sticking Point’ with the US?

However, this has thrust Israel into the middle of the world’s most prominent great power rivalry, creating a complicated triangle of relations between Israel, the US, and China. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US has worked tirelessly to maintain its status as the global hegemon and contain China’s rise to power.

So far, Israeli leadership has been able to walk a fine line between the two countries, but it’s playing a dangerous game that may backfire terribly. With growing concern from the US, the question of whether Israel will fall under the wing of China’s growing influence or remain a loyal enclave of US-oriented foreign policy in the Middle East remains up in the air.

Time will tell. However, the short but eventful history of Israel-China ties can at least explain how Jerusalem ended up in this situation.

China-Africa rice cooperation project: Joining hands to eliminate hunger 

With a large amount of suitable land for rice cultivation, these countries have the resources to expand rice production. However, according to the initiative, they need to introduce high-yield varieties, improve production and processing technologies, and boost investment in their own rice industries including their related supply chains.

For example, Mozambique in Southeast Africa has about 36 million hectares of arable land and a long history of rice cultivation, but faces challenges in various areas, including technology, financing, infrastructure and market access, according to Dr. Pedro Dzucula, director of the country's National Directorate of Agriculture and Silviculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

Speaking at a seminar held in Beijing on Wednesday, Dr. Dzucula said Mozambique needs to enhance the genetic diversity of its rice, increase the quality of agricultural services, and invest in the operationalization and rational use of irrigation schemes based on public-private partnerships.

Over the past decades, China has made remarkable progress in its rice industry, and accrued valuable experience in terms of improved seed varieties, technology and machinery, demonstration and promotion, as well as industrial investment and marketing, the initiative noted.


Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, or appendixes inside Sylodium’s system via triangular trade so Sylodium’s places are the cities relations,

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Israel – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – SIngapore - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

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Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context

Trans-Pacific View author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into U.S. Asia policy. This conversation with Dr. Shira Efron, Policy Researcher and Senior Advisor on Israel at RAND Corporation, is the 184th in “The Trans-Pacific View Insight Series.”

What were the top three findings of RAND’s 2019 report on China-Israel relations?

First, both sides stand to benefit from advancing bilateral ties. Israel seeks to expand its diplomatic and economic relations with the world’s fastest growing major economy and, for economic and diplomatic reasons, diversify its export markets and sources of investments from its traditional partners, the United States and Europe. In terms of construction of infrastructure, Chinese companies have a good track record of project completion in Israel at a lower cost and in short time frames, and as foreign entities help efforts to weaken strong labor unions.

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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

The thinking machine 4.0 which is building algorithms for APPS 4.0 behaviour and language and knowledege and social networks tell us:

There are 4 variables (each variable shapes many values) in history from prehistory to point out.

1 - The primitive Holism in which "religion", art, "politics", "technology" etc all referred to one and the same thing, we could call it the variable MONISM.

2 - With the agricultural revolution, the city, the separation of science came rationally, the same happened with the arts, and with the way of doing politics, Empire or city, and some religions accounts, it would be the SPECIE variable.

3 - With the industrial revolution and the bourgeoisie, the spread of science, technology, politics, coins, arts, even the middle class bourgeois bought paintings, moving from a practical sense to an individualistic romantic sense that went in seriously, they committed suicide for love and the people went to war for their romantic ideals deceived by their leaders, came the denial of God, atheists, agnostics, new religions and sects, it would be the INDIVIDUAL variable.

4.- With the technological revolution, the spread has become atomized, now each individual is a painter and writer, there are more painters and writers than buyers and readers, each individual has their own spirituality choosing from here and there, and even mathematics, let's not say chemistry or physics, they have been divided beyond calculus, algebra and geometry, into logical or atomic or quantum calculus, or topological or non-Euclidean geometry, and despite globalization, there are more states than ever, and every town The miniscule wants its own identity without using weapons, in the absence of exemplarity, the indocility of the masses proliferates, this would be the variable, ATOMISM.

The particularity is that these four variables draw a closed horizon, because monism and atomism are the two sides of the same coin, that is, we have turned the clock of history, not its end, which is moral, the overcoming of the species, and the species in essence remains the same, but to close its circle, so that the game of agreements and participations of all ages continues with all, but without being able to leave there, the egg of History.

Chinese manufacturers building brands for future success

Imagine that you want to create a special part from scratch. If you put on your VR headset, start your computer and fire up your 3D printer, you could be only a few hours away from having what you envisioned in the palm of your hand. And with this capability to rapidly prototype and create, there’s no telling how much time manufacturers, designers and importers will save when trying to come up with the next hit product.

To learn about specific VR platforms and this design combination, check out the full article in the link below:

3D Printing and VR: A New Spin on Design and Manufacturing – Cabe Atwell, Machine Design

How Belt and Road Is Upending the Beijing Consensus 

At Makers Empire, we help elementary, primary and middle school schools teach Design Thinking and make STEM subjects fun and engaging using 3D printing and design. Everday, we see first-hand the amazing things K-8 students can do when presented with an intuitive design interface and a supportive learning environment. So today we thought we’d share 7 benefits of using 3D printing in education.

Bringing Art Back

Although art is already making a bit of a comeback with the advent of STEAM education, 3D printing will help catapult it to the top. With 3D printing, students become designers and creators using cutting-edge technology to visualize and create their own imaginations. Not to mention the growth students will have in their spatial reasoning 

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