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Gamified sales training: Level up performance

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about some of the pitfalls of traditional sales training, and modern methods of overcoming them. In this post I will show you what happens when you take the modern approach to sales training and combine it with some of the latest technology the world has to offer. While this type of training is not for every business, I certainly see it as the future of sales training (and training in general), and everyone who has anything to do with sales or training should be aware of this. 

China- Africa 4.0.

The Belt and Road focuses on infrastructure because Chinese construction companies need business. From 2000 to 2015, China Eximbank contributed $63 billion in loans to Africa, largely aimed at road, railroad, airport and harbor construction. In 2000, the gross annual revenue of Chinese construction contractors in Africa was $1 billion; by 2015, this figure was $55 billion. 

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Chinese firms expand reach in Africa amid fears of ‘new colonialism’

Already dominant in the continent’s manufacturing and resource sectors, Chinese firms are pushing into new areas and leaving their western counterparts in the dust, a report says

Chinese President Xi Jinping and African leaders rounded off a landmark summit here Saturday with a unanimous consensus to upgrade China-Africa relations backed by a roadmap for further boosting mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

The leaders' meeting, officials and observers from across the region say, has not only ushered the world's second-largest country and "most promising continent" into a new era of common development, but once again testified to China's brotherly friendship and genuine partnership with Africa.

You can build your own niches inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa 4.0, Ningbo – Southern Africa HR 4.0 , XIAN – East Africa GAMIFICATION 4-0, Hong Kong – Nigeria IMPORT EXPORT 4-0 IOT PHILOSOPHY , Qingdao – South Africa NEW SOCIAL CLASS 4.0, China – East Africa IMPORT EXPORT APPS FOR AI.

China’s trade with Africa has grown exponentially since the establishment of a triennial ministerial-level forum on China-African cooperation in 2000, and got a further boost after a 2006 summit between then-president Hu Jintao and 48 African nations, including 42 heads of state, in Beijing.

Chinese investment in Africa: Beijing’s testing ground

Please use the sharing tools found via the email icon at the top of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of FT.comT&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found here. The China-Africa relationship — partly spontaneous and partly the fruit of an orchestrated push from Beijing — is shifting the commercial and geopolitical axis of an entire continent that many western governments had all but given up on. While Europeans and Americans view Africa as a troubling source of instability, migration and terrorism — and, of course, precious minerals — China sees opportunity

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Industry 4.0: HP’s transformation plan

When one thinks of technology companies nowadays, Hewlett-Packard (HP) may not be the first that comes to mind. Instead, companies such as Amazon and Google have dominated the headlines with their innovative solutions for enterprises.

It is not just about selling a 3D printer. it is about redesigning the entire value chain. What we are selling is an ecosystem that starts with the design. When you have a 3D printer, you can design very weird and wonderful things that would be impossible using conventional technology. You can create very organic shapes that are also very strong. It requires designers and engineers to think differently

Meanwhile, tech giant HP has suffered over the past few years as it struggled to keep up with the growing consumer demand for smartphones and cloud technology over traditional personal computers (PCs) and servers. As a result, it split the company in 2015 to serve the different markets. HP Inc focuses on PCs and printers while HP Enterprise Co provides servers, storage and corporate services. 

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