Chinese Triangular Trade 4.0.

China’s Naturally Triangular Trade, Israel, US, Africa…

To keep life simple, I am treating Hong Kong as a distinct source of China’s surplus; in reality, it captures a fraction—about $75 billion I think—of China’s surplus to the United States and a portion of China’s exports to the emerging world

This isn’t hard to understand—it maps to the swing in China’s overall deficit in commodities (“primary” products in the Chinese data).

The evolution of China’s balance with the advanced economies is in many ways more interesting.

This puts US-Israel military ties in a tough situation. While the decision to allow Chinese presence in Haifa will boost Israel’s economic development, it shows Israel is prioritizing growth over collective security with the US.

American policymakers are skeptical of this choice. The US Senate’s National Defense Authorization Act for 2020 reflects these sentiments, bringing up “serious security concerns” about the Haifa Port deal with China. With the threat of Chinese surveillance, the US Navy may opt to avoid Haifa altogether.

But others argue there is no need to worry. Yigal Maor, director-general at the Transportation Ministry’s Administration of Shipping and Ports, believes China’s presence in Haifa poses little to no threat, pointing out that that China already has a presence in ports across the Western world, including a large terminal in Seattle.

Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context

Provide key policy recommendations to Washington on how best to engage Jerusalem strategically in managing China’s rising presence in the Middle East.

The United States can work with Israel to de-conflict, shape, and advance a mutually agreed-upon agenda on China and help Israel build its knowledge base and understanding of China.

Engagement between Washington and Jerusalem should include China as a regular item in discussions and policy decisions. Israel and the United States also should ensure regular information-sharing and joint monitoring of the nature and extent of Chinese investments and economic activities in Israel and in the broader Middle East. This is especially important as growing voices in Israel call for developing a process to scrutinize Chinese economic practices more closely.

The basic tendency since 2016 has been for both a bigger surplus with the United States and Europe (really with the United States now) and a bigger deficit with the electronics supply chain.

And the surplus with the United States is growing fast too. Trump’s stimulus, and the euro area’s absence of stimulus, has led to a divergence between China’s balance with the United States and the euro area (I used the U.S. and euro area data here, and added in trade with HK.)

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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts) 


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OBOR 4.0

In March 2015, the Chinese regime made clear how important these technologies are to its interests: the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Commerce, jointly issued a directive detailing goals and actions for OBOR. Two key objectives were the “construction of transnational fiber topics for communications” and “synchronizing technological standards [between China and other countries].” 

By dominating 5G standards at international standard-setting agencies, Huawei could pocket licensing fees from mobile-service providers and governments that use its 5G technology. Huawei would also gain earnings from future contracts for maintenance or repair jobs of its sold equipment.

While globalization has radically increased incomes and economic growth in developing countries and lowered consumer prices in developed countries, it also changes the power balance between developing and developed countries and affects the culture of each affected country. And the shifting location of goods production has caused many jobs to cross borders, causing some workers to change careers.[

The study makes it abundantly clear that development models have reached a crucial point, and that China is squarely on the wrong side of history. “We’re at a juncture where the rest of the world has shifted to renewable energy investments,” states report co-author Melissa Brown, “but we’re seeing a whole set of legacy patterns for coal – patterns of the last generation – are being clung to and subsidized by Chinese institutions.”

This agenda is in line with Beijing’s overall desire to become less dependent on foreign technology. In January 2018, China’s state-run media Xinhua reported on its intention to accelerate the development of technical standards for technologies such as 5G and the internet of things (IoT), under the name of “China Standards 2035.”

In May 2018, Zhou Jialiang—who was a company director working in Kyrgyzstan at the time and now serves as director for Huawei’s Volkswagen account, according to his LinkedIn page—said in an interview with Chinese media 21st Century Business Herald that OBOR provided many opportunities for the company to expand its market in Central Asia and elsewhere.

Industry 4.0' ignites change in motor industry - 5 major disruptors to affect SA

"Autonomous vehicles are still far off in its pure form but will become very prevalent in elements such as highways," he says.

So, is South Africa lagging behind other parts of the world when it comes to Industry 4.0 in relation to the motor sector?

Verachia says both yes and no: "South Africa is particularly great in terms of model launches that align to global cycles. Where we are lagging is in terms of the redefined concept of urban mobility. I was in Munich recently and drove 11 difference cars through a car app. I was able to drive through multiple cities through seamless mobility.”

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