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China’s “rogue aid” to Africa isn’t as much or as controversial as we thought

new from QUARTZ 

Chinese aid does appear to be effective in boosting local development

African countries received the largest proportion, 59%, of projects financed by China between 2000 and 2014. But when it comes to the actual value of projects committed China’s African partners rank fairly low on the list.

Of the 25 largest Chinese-funded projects by value, only six were in Africa, according to the data set. China funds more mega-projects, those worth $1 billion or more, in Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Latin America than in Africa. In terms of average size of projects, only one African country, South Africa, ranked among the top 20 recipients. Of China’s top recipients of overall official financing, only two African countries made the list.

African countries do receive more Chinese aid in the strictest definition of the term. According to the OECD, official development assistance (ODA) is finance for local economic development that doesn’t profit the donor country. At least 25% of the amount provided must be in the form of a grant. Seven of the top 10 recipients of Chinese ODA between 2000 and 2014 were in Africa.

In these cases, Chinese aid does appear to be effective in boosting local development. AidData’s analysis found that a Chinese aid project results in a 0.7 to 1.1 percentage point increase in economic growth two years after its approval, similar to projects funded by the United States and other Western donors.

China, as a developing country itself, can’t afford to give that much in aid, and that Beijing’ strategy in Africa is to seek “win-win” relationships, where both sides benefit.

African countries have come to realize that they need options, not conditions, when it comes to aid. China’s aid and development financing provides such options and is thus welcomed with open arms by many African countries,” Li concludes.


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