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More strategic investment in Africa’s ports can accelerate growth and development by strengthening trade

the global transportation and logistics industry can no longer afford to ignore developments in Africa.

Although individual countries in Africa have tended to push for developing their own hub ports (ports with the greatest volume potential), it is likely that we will see some ports eventually emerge as major hubs

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In SSA, the business case for port expansion is often only defined once capacity is already constrained and thus many ports operate under severe pressure while investment decisions are being made. This continual lag, which often lasts years, reduces competiveness and takes no account of the resulting reduced trade impact on African economies. In contrast, China’s approach to port investment is instructive. China considers port investments on the benefits it receives from trade and thus regards ports as highly strategic investments in the national interest.

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

Technology: friend or foe?

There’s a lot at play on the regulatory front that’s sure to impact the US shipping business, some good, some not so much. 

Having those manufacturing jobs available in the US, and in particular in rural areas of the US, would be a huge plus for us

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Nanaimo Port Authority, Western Stevedoring and its affiliate organization, the automotive division of U.S.-based SSA Marine, announced a joint venture Tuesday that will redevelop the Nanaimo Assembly Wharf into a multipurpose terminal

The delivery process will increase the short sea shipping business for Nanaimo and the processing facility itself will provide about 40 to 60 new jobs in the short term and up to 110 new jobs in the coming years, according to estimates presented in a press release. 

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Made in China policy at centre of tariff war with US

Shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California. China is set to levy tariffs on a range of US goods. Photograph: Andrew Gombert/EPA

Cosco Shipping Ports profit more than doubles

After the OCEAN Alliance called at Xiamen Ocean Gate Terminal in April 2017, it newly added 9 shipping routes; its container throughput grew to 1,501,001 TEU 

In 2016, the Company completed its acquisition of all the issued shares in China Shipping Ports Development Co., Limited and paid the consideration of US$1,161,963,000.

win win in proportion

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The increased stake in the Zeebrugge Terminal in Belgium and the acquisition of the NPH Group enabled the Group to complete its terminal network in Mediterranean and Northwest Europe, which now covers major European hinterlands and shipping routes. 

KARACHI: Specialist in shipping star project loads recently completed the transfer of an 80-ton module of a fractional cargo ship COSCO in the port of Karachi to a construction site of the city - the long-term part of China Economic Corridor of Pakistan (CPEC).

China’s Belt & Road: new avenues for Middle East growth and economic diversification

Approximately 60 per cent of China-UAE trade is re-exported to Africa or Europe, which will support B&R’s purpose, while making the country -- and particularly Dubai -- an important component of China’s trade strategy in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

The strong presence of Chinese banks in the GCC provides the financial underpinning for deeper and wider linkages. Banks in the GCC should use their financial muscle make use of this opportunity to provide co-financing with Chinese banks for trade, investment and economic activity in the B&R countries.

That Made in China national plan – designed to turn China into a “manufacturing superpower” by investing in sectors such as IT, new energy vehicles, robotics and other forms of smart manufacturing – may be the real sticking point in a potential trade war between China and the US.

China wants to be a polar power

State-owned Transnet's Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group Consortium on Wednesday delivered rolling stock to the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to strengthen regional integration, trade and the recapitalisation of the Zimbabwean railway programme 

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

“Shipping 4.0 – The sea of Tomorrow”

Ready or not, AI as augmenter, disruptor of container shipping is coming

“Over the long term, these technologies will massively improve our ability to deliver goods and services, as they’re applied to every step of shipping, from land-side to terminals to ocean,” the white paper predicted.

Association of Shipping Agents of Portugal and J.Canão will hold a Conference on "Shipping 4.0 - The Sea of Tomorrow" on 16 May. The event, which counts with the Cargo Magazine as a Media Partner, will take place in the auditorium of ENIDH

Industry 4.0 at the heart of Manufacturing Indaba 2018

This year's Manufacturing Indaba is set to explore the impact of Industry 4.0 - otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution - and the Internet of Things (IoT) on transformation in the manufacturing industry. The event will take place will be hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, Africa's economic hub

Allaying fears of wide scale replacement of humans, the authors emphasised however that “while AI has the potential to massively disrupt the container shipping industry, today’s applications will assist in jobs rather than replace jobs”, as the weaknesses still present in AI programs mean humans will remain a critical part of AI implementations as they will be required to handle “exceptions and higher-end tasks, ones that require creative and original thinking, as well as ones requiring leadership roles”.

INTTRA also highlighted various figures such as a McKinsey Global Institute estimate that up to 800m global workers could lose their jobs by 2030 due to automation, as well as another estimate from Gartner that AI will automate 1.8m people out of work by as soon as 2020, but will also create 2.3m new jobs.

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