Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, or appendixes inside Sylodium’s system via triangular trade so Sylodium’s places are the cities relations,

Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Israel – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – SIngapore - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

China and re-globalisation: Strategies for Africa and EU via OBOR and FIR.

The raw material critical mass required for beneficiation, is achievable if we work in regional value-addition industrial clusters and engage China through these. For example, we can define a diamond cluster (Zimbabwe, SA, Botswana, Angola and DRC), a platinum cluster (Zimbabwe and South Africa), a cocoa cluster (Ghana, Ivory Coast and Guinea), and a petroleum cluster (Nigeria, Algeria and Senegal). With the scale, critical mass and consensus achieved in these clusters, value addition and beneficiation will be commercially viable on the African continent.

China is often weak on social science and interdisciplinary research, with its higher education institutions concentrating heavily on science, technology and engineering research. The European Commission wants to step up research collaboration with China on big projects. Already some thematic research areas implemented under the EU’s giant Horizon 2020 research fund have had co-funding from China’s science and technology ministry, said Philippe Vialatte of the European Commission’s research and innovation directorate in Brussels. While several experts at the seminar underlined the need for mutual respect for each other’s higher education systems, it was clear Chinese higher education with the state “front and centre” may not sit well with universities in Europe that cherish autonomy and academic freedom.  “It is unclear how this new relationship will affect European research,” said the Dutch research agency’s Van den Doel. “There are a lot of concerns about academic freedom [in China], so dialogue is important.”  But he acknowledged there was room for more European Union projects with China. “China cannot do many things on its own such as big science.” Another area is global challenges where interdisciplinary research is required to solve major problems such as food and energy security.

This can be done with or without the blessing or involvement of China, Europe or the United States.

The African engineer, designer and entrepreneur must have self-belief and confidence to design and build a catalytic converter, a computer, a cell-phone, a car or a plane. You need a decolonised entrepreneurial spirit. African governments and the private sector must have confidence in local manufacturing. African consumers must have confidence in local products. They must support and buy locally designed and produced refined and value-added products. Of course, the market size of 1,2 billion Africans is available for our own value-added products if we work as the AU. With the beginnings of a research and innovation dimension being built into OBOR and its reach into Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, the OBOR initiative “can also be used to boost Europe-China science and technology cooperation”, Vialatte said.  Though in the past some Chinese research institutions cooperating with EU research programmes “have not been so transparent”, Vialatte said, “we are discussing a proper mechanism to avoid discrepancies.”  Shanghai Jiao Tong’s Liu noted that universities in China, the US and Europe had more in common than differences and said: “The differences will do no harm to China cooperation with Europe.” 

IN Syodium, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY playing in the global contest game; UNO, where you own the new land, and you can play, barter, sell, buy, get alliances, build franchise, build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business), create you own Business Game. 

The thinking machine 4.0 to build algorithms. 4.0 tell us that:

The origin of the Universe was the explosion in the head of Thales of Miletus or some of that hair a few centuries before: I do not intend to look at it.

There is no history of love, no history of life, no history of peoples, but etymologies, cobwebs and fabrics of love, of life and of peoples.

The universe is an eye of pulsating gravity that ignores us, Aristotle could have said.

Sublime is that in which one enters with reluctance, against the grain, or even to fuck the sow, and still, astonished.

The universe is monstrous, not sublime.

Love is the engine that does not shut up.

The eyes are the fingers of the heart and the emotions talk with the words.

Flower of complaint and cream of topic drown us.

In front of extreme speeches, without time to face them in study and reflection in spiral, oblique discourses.

The story of letting go and close later or the story of never ending. .

Bleed the fabric of reality by the geometry of our words to re-weave, away from things, in our thoughts, (this is known to all). The thinking machine transcribes how the map of ideas pulls the map of concepts to represent in its own way the map of things that are "in sight", but within and within reach of our eye or accumulated experience.

The wise one forgets the skin and the bones and gets out of the way like a detachment that makes clean-cut games.

The scientist penetrates with eager lust and will to power things with all the pottery to extract at best, some utilities, more or less childish, sometimes nothing (childish).

The poet shuffles the cards on top of the map table.

The mystic, God will know.

The philosopher builds a house of cards that the first blow blows, or the next castle.

All lights fit, pass and go, by the map of words, we give faith.

Everybody is in IoT

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of Io

China Mobile and Huawei jointly committed to building an agile, open, and secure IoT operations platform which would perform at the industry leading scale of the markets they serve. Built using Huawei IoT BSS product, the CM IoT Platform was the result – where CM not only short for China Mobile, but also for Connection Management and Centralized Management.

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