Caribbean Trade Mission to China (By Sylodium, international trade directory)

Caribbean governments and top private sector executives in the tourism and investment sectors are going to participate in a 10-day trade mission to four top cities in China, from September 14th-23rd. The 2013 Caribbean/China Trade Mission is designed to help Caribbean premiers, ministers of governments, investment agencies and C-level private sector business leaders, meet with top Chinese officials from varied ministries. Tourism and finance as well as C-level company execs including from the China Import Export Bank, to: promote direct in country investment opportunities and company products and services; establish strategic connections, strengthen existing relations, explore opportunities for joint ventures, source potential suppliers and extend friendships and create relationships for return visits to the Caribbean region. Sylodium (global import export directory) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities that you want, for example; San Jose (Costa Rica) - Beijing (China) or any city around the World.

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