Palisade Fencing - Types & Applications

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Palisade Fencing is an important member of security fencing. It is manufactured by corrugated sheet in "W" or "D" section or angle section with offensive heads and assembled by welding or anti-vandal bolts or rivets. Compared to chain link fencing, it is impossible to climb and break off in short time.


Why you choose palisade fencing as your perimeter security fencing? 

With the requirement of security around the whole world, palisade fencing has been increasingly applied by many regions and countries. Security fencing should satisfy two points before getting popular - high level security and easy installation. Palisade fencing is just that kind of fencing. Its anti-climb property, sharp heads and simple installation make it an ideal security boundary fencing for commercial, industrial and residential areas. Besides, razor wire and barbed wire can be installed on the top of palisade fence by the extensions, which significantly strengthen the security of the fencing.


What types of palisade fences we supply and manufacture?

Our palisade fences are found in UK, South Africa and Canada and other regions. They cover a wide range of palisade fencing and satisfy different requirements in security, price and quality. As far as security level, our palisade fences include general purpose, high security, special angle palisade fencing widely used in South Africa. If security requirement is more important, w-section palisade fencing with triple point head is strongly recommended. 
If you focus on prices, competitive palisade fences are also supplied. They are usually made by angle pales with standard or unique head styles. These fences are often welded to shorten the installation time.

How to choose the right palisade fencing for your applications?

Before you purchase anti-climb palisade fencing products, there are several issues should be solved. 
First, what is the function of the fencing? For security or general barrier? 
For security requirement, palisade fencing is among the best alternatives for it is impossible to climb and strong enough to break off. At the same time, palisade fencing is easy to install for sloping conditions. So it is also good option for general barrier.
Second, what about your budget for the fencing system? Or what about the level of price? 
Budget is an important issue in choosing fencing system. Our palisade fencing ranges from competitively high to low prices. Generally speaking, our products obey with British Standard BS1722-12:1999. If your requirement is not so strict, we can make plans to reduce the cost.


Which palisade fencing is stronger? W section or D section?

High security palisade fencing tends to be w-section pales with triple head style, while D section palisade pale is designed for medium to low security fencing.


Palisade fencing assembly

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